Friday, September 6, 2013

5 Fact Friday

HELLO blog world! I am still alive. Actually I'm very alive! Things have been great lately! I have had absolutely no desire to blog though. I guess I'm just going through that kind of phase in my life. =) But I'm glad this little thing is still around so I can record my thoughts when I want/need to!

1. The biggest great thing lately is that Collin and I recently got a puppy! She is a Pekepoo pup that we've named Shelley. She is 4 months old today, actually. It's been a BIG adjustment adding a puppy to our family but she's so sweet that it makes up for the lack of sleep and accidents.

For size comparison... She only weighs 4.6lbs. And Seabass is three times her size!
This picture really shows you her coloring, white with tan spots and tan ears! She looks like a seashell!
labor day 13 010
Compared to our friend Megan's greyhound. Also, photo credit for this goes to Megan

2. This morning while taking Shelley out to the bathroom before leaving for work, we were coming back inside and she started running for the door so I had to run too. However, I somehow twisted my ankle and ended up with a nasty scrape from the sidewalk on the side of my foot. Oh my goodness it hurts so bad. But my dear, sweet husband cleaned and bandaged me up real good. I love that man!

3. I am counting down the hours until 4:00 this afternoon. That's when our VACATION begins! Oh I am so excited for it. Wanna know where we're going? NO WHERE! Sure it would be nice to go to the beach or the mountains or somewhere fun and exciting, but we decided to stay home and have a staycation to save on money. We have some fun things planned such as going to DC two different days to explore and have fun! I can't wait!!

4. I found an article from the Huffington Post on Facebook this morning. People that don't know me REALLY well may not realize it, but I am an introvert and this describes me practically to a tee. Sure, I'm a bubbly, social person but the first paragraphs of the article explain just how it is than I am an introvert.

5. Our county fair is coming up in a couple weeks and I'm really excited! I'm planning to enter a few photos again this year and Collin is even planning to enter some himself. This is one of the ones he plans to enter. I'm jealous I couldn't take it myself since I was driving, but I did ask him to take it while we were stuck in traffic since I saw the beauty. =)


I hope you guys have a great weekend! I am so, so happy that this weekend is the beginning of vacation! I can't wait to have a nice relaxing 9 days with my husband doing whatever we please! Until the next time I blog, have fun my friends!



  1. congratulations on your puppy Shelley, she is a bit smaller than Megan's GH :-)...that is a beautiful shot of the barn. I am an introvert as well though before I realized it, some of my behaviour caused me a grief and I thought myself antisocial and sometimes slow.

  2. Cindy,
    I have been on a blog break too, due to a trip to see my family. I hope to have a post up on Tuesday.

    It is an adjustment adding a pet to the family, but they are worth it. I can't imagine life without my Molly. Pets add so much to our lives.

    I hope your foot feels better. Watch your step. Molly likes to help me in the kitchen. The Hubby always worries that he will come in the house and find I tripped over the dog and hit my head.

    Enjoy your staycation. It’s nice just to relax and take care of yourself. I would love to visit DC someday. It was nice to have Mom and Dad pamper me on my recent trip home.

    I am an introvert too.

    I hope you have a fun time at your County Fair and good luck with the photos!

  3. have a super stay-caytion, those can be just as fun as going someplace exoctic! hope your ankle is feeling better. the puppy is ADORABLE! good luck in the photo contest to both of you. that is a beautiful shot! you both credit!

  4. Cute, cute puppy! Enjoy your stay-cation Cindy.

  5. Ahhhhhh Shelley is SO cute!! Enjoy your stay-cation! xoxo

  6. Ahhhh I want that little pup! How freaking tiny and adorable!


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