Monday, October 31, 2011

Thank You, Mr. Crowder

Friday evening Collin and I drove up to Baltimore to see David Crowder Band in their final concert in the D.C./Baltimore area. In case you haven't heard, David Crowder Band will be ending their 11 year career once they release their new album in January. They are traveling for this one last tour and I HAD to go see them. I've loved them since 2001 after I saw them play at Impact (a senior high youth retreat) in Ocean City, MD. I wasn't always a die hard fan, that happened just in the past few years, but I always have loved their music and I've seen them at least 5 times in concert (that I can think of). It was a very sad day for me when I found out they won't be together anymore but they've given us some absolutely amazing music in these past 11 years and I just know I will enjoy it all for years to come.

The concert was just simply amazing. They had three opening acts, John Mark McMillian, Chris August, and Gungor. All of which were wonderful! I knew a few songs by both John Mark McMillian and Chris August but I'd never heard anything but Gungor and I LOVED them!! David Crowder Band sounded wonderful and they made me laugh, cry, dance, and worship my Lord with unashamed abandon! It was so much fun to be there with Collin and we ended up standing next to a pretty awesome couple whom we enjoyed chatting with between opening acts and sharing random facts about the band/songs. We ended up standing at the edge of the second floor balcony overlooking literally the top of the stage. It was a pretty sweet view and sure beat standing on the ground behind a bunch of tall people struggling to see! During the middle of the song (I believe it was) Foreverandever, Etc. Jack, one of the lead guitarist, stopped the song and told David he had some friends that he wanted to introduce him to. It was so funny! They start bantering back and forth and then Jack tells him his friends are behind him and a couple had been escorted onto the stage by security and they shook hands with David and then Jack starts to say something and then the guy gets down on his knee and proposes. It was quite amazing! Everyone in the audience just broke out into applause and David (and the rest of the band) were standing there in shock and awe. It was pretty awesome to watch. I'd seen youtube videos of couples getting engaged in very public places but never in real life so it was neat! Anyway, once the couple exited the stage they literally started the song where they left off.

They played a good variety of songs from all their albums and they even had a three song "Southern" style tribute. They played Go Tell it on the Mountain, Because He Lives and I Saw the Light/I'll Fly Away. It was so much fun and had me dancing and singing along. Loved it! And I loved that they "ended" (they came back out and did three more songs after) with How He Loves which was written by John Mark McMillian and he came out on the stage with them and played/sang along. It was SO wonderful! After the concert was over Collin and I had tickets for a Meet & Greet. I thought it would be totally different than it was but it was still great to get their autographs, shake their hands and talk with them for a brief minute. AND I got to hug Bwack!! It was great and his hair is so soft. lol Unfortunately they wouldn't let us take any pictures during the Meet & Greet which was REALLY lame because I was saving my camera's battery for it so I didn't get any video of the concert and a lot less pictures than I would have liked. But oh well. At least I have the autographs and the memories. =)
John Mark McMillian
Chris August
Gungor - the cello player beat boxed while playing his cello.  AMAZING.
I zoomed in really close and got a picture of the set list posted at Mark's spot.  =)
David Crowder Band!
David with Jack in the background
Bwack and his look alike drummer.  They dressed someone up (and gave them a wig) to look like Bwack to play some extra percussion instruments in various songs that Bwack needed more than two hands and two feet to play.
David Crowder Band with John Mark McMillian, Gungor and Chris August on How He Loves
Up close of David and John

What a wonderful evening. My only complaint is that we didn't get home until about 2:30 a.m. and I'm usually in bed by 11 p.m. at the latest on Friday evenings. But it was totally worth it. I loved seeing them in concert one final time! I can't wait until their new album comes out in January!!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Well guys, it's Friday. And apparently everyone in the North East is getting snow this weekend? Yeah, that's just weird. Thankfully we're far enough south that our forecast is only rain. But it's gonna be a cold rain, like high of 46 rain! ICK. Oh well, it won't stop me from having a good weekend. If you're in the North East, I'm so sorry. Unless of course you like the snow, then yay! =) Tonight Collin and I are heading up to Baltimore to see my favorite band, David Crowder Band! I am SO super excited. This unfortunately is their last tour because they are going their separate ways once they release their final album in January. But you know, they've been around for 10 years and they most all have wives and kids. I can understand them wanting to focus more on other things in their lives. Anyway, this concert will be awesome because Collin and I have VIP tickets! We get early access to the show AND we have back stage passes to meet them after the show! WOOHOO! Oh man I'm super excited. I've loved David Crowder Band since I first learned of them in 2001 at Impact (which is actually right after they started) and I've bought all their actual albums (I don't have the EPs but I wouldn't be adverse to owning them) and I've seen them in concert I do believe 5 or 6 times (including tonight). So anyway... it will be great!

Okay, well, since it's Friday I'm gonna fill in some blanks with Lauren. You can view other's blanks or play along yourself by visiting the little things we do.

All Friday Blank images are via Lauren.  They were not taken by me.

1. When I was a kid I wanted to be either a veterinarian or a teacher when I grew up.

2. As an adult my dream job would be a homemaker/mom who teaches piano and leads worship on Sunday mornings.

3. When I was younger I wanted to be just like my mom.

4. The childhood Halloween costume that I remember most was when I was a present. My mom cut holes for our heads and hands and cut the bottom completely out of a box and then wrapped it in wrapping paper she had around the house and added balloons and streamers. It was the best costume, ever. Check out the picture of my sister and I below.

5. My favorite childhood toy was Barbies for sure. I played with them all the time and had a HUGE collection. Plus I think I was playing with them well until I was like 14 or something. But I liked so many other toys, too. Lite Bright, Legos, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Polly Pocket. Things like that.

6. The time I got into the biggest amount of trouble when I was a kid was possibly when I jumped on the neighbor's trampoline? I dunno... I was a really good kid and didn't get into trouble much.

7. I get daily inspiration from my KLOVE Bible verses, Real Simple's Daily Thoughts, Pinterest, and other bloggers.

That was fun answering some questions about being a kid. What were you like as a kid? Did you get in trouble much or were you a goody two shoes like me? What did you want to be when you grew up and are you currently doing that or did your life's ambitions change as you grew? I love learning about people when they were younger, so leave me some comments, or send me an e-mail telling me about your childhood!

I hope you all have wonderful weekends whether it's cold and snowy or warm and sunny!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting Lost in the Corn

Contrary to what the post title says we actually did not get lost in the corn maze on Sunday. We've had lots of really windy days here lately so it was unfortunate but a lot of the corn stalks were blown over so you could see some of the path from various points of the maze. But that didn't make it any less fun. We'd never been to the farm we were at before and I really enjoyed it. They had a fun section for kids to play in, they had a neat little shop, a hay ride that went around the whole farm, a corn maze (of course) and even animals you could pet and enjoy. And in addition to all the fun things you got to do with your admission you also got to pick and take home either a small pumpkin or an apple. How neat! We definitely had a great afternoon at the farm!

See what I mean about it being blown over? I think it's fun that in the pictures it looks like it was windy that day!
I really like this shot but I unfortunately can not take credit for it. Collin took this one.
Randomly throughout the maze they had little branches with these berries on them.
Collin found an unopened ear of corn so he wanted to see what it was like inside. It was in perfect shape just very hard.
and then, she {snapped}

Waiting for the hay ride to start.
Collin petting the goats.
Did you know...?
A little did you know information about our area.
The baby pumpkin that I chose! It's so cute!
Me with my itty bitty pumpkin.
Collin and his baby pumpkin.
Hurray for pumpkins!

Sorry for the huge amount of photos! I just loved them all so much I couldn't decide which ones to share. Well, actually, I could decide and be grateful I didn't post all of them - it would have been around 100! These were my favorites though of those 100 or so. So that concludes that huge amount of photos I took this past weekend. It was definitely a great weekend! *To see my other photos from this weekend visit my "Pickin' Pumpkins" post here!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday


I love how my shadow makes me look almost as tall as Collin. Because I'm exactly a foot shorter than him. =)

Wordless Wednesday
and then, she {snapped}

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pickin' Pumpkins

This past weekend Collin and I had lots of fall fun! We picked out a pumpkin from a local farmer's roadside stand. And then on Sunday we went to an actual farm to do the corn maze and hay ride and all the other fun things that come with being at a farm! It was a delightful fall weekend with the perfect fall temperatures. I loved being able to spend time with my sweet husband. And I love that he is as into things like this as I am. He really enjoyed picking out our pumpkin and spending time at the farm on Sunday. I definitely got very blessed to have him as my husband! Plus he is extremely supportive (and patient) of my new-found photography habit. Anyway, I took A LOT of photos over the weekend, around 150 actually! So today I'm just gonna share with you some of the ones I took at the pumpkin stand!

100_4930 100_4931 100_4932
It's such a cute, lumpy pumpkin!
100_4933 100_4934
This pumpkin probably weighed about 20lbs.  It was ridiculously heavy and huge.
100_4936 100_4935 100_4937 100_4938
The winning pumpkin!  I love it so much.  It has the perfect stem and it's a good oval shape, too.
100_4942 100_4940 100_4939 100_4941
We thought that one pumpkin was huge until we saw this.  I had to make Collin stand next to it so we had a good gauge for just how large it really is!
100_4944 100_4943
There were so many gourds!  They are such funny looking vegetables but I LOVE that they are eccentric.

I just love our pumpkin and it makes me so happy to see it sitting on our front porch. It's the little things. =)

I hope you had a glorious fall weekend! Enjoy this beautiful Tuesday and may it be full of blessings for you!


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