Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Little Notes

I've seen this around in the blog land where people will post little notes/letters to "things" and today my friend Courtney posted some and I felt inspired to make my own!

Dear Hulu+, I enjoy you. You let me watch current episodes of my favorite shows on my TV without having to have cable and that is fantastic. But why have you been acting up lately? I don't like having my picture freeze on me several times in one episode. It would be nice if you could fix it, please.

Dear wind, thank you for finally going away. You overstayed your welcome by about 6 days. I didn't mind you the first day. It was kind of nice having a breeze but staying around for a week, not cool. Especially since you brought us colder temperatures.

Dear pretty new tennis shoes, thank you for being so pink and cheery. You make exercising more fun. And thank you for being so lightweight and comfy!


Dear iPhone, I know I have expressed my love for you numerous times, but I still love you immensely. You are so good for me.

Dear Collin, I love you. Thank you for being so thoughtful and loving to me. Even during those times where I'm being a butt.

Dear Wal-Mart, thank you for your low prices. They make buying groceries not so daunting. But I still hate the way you treat your employees and I hate the schedule you give my husband. Cut us some slack. Collin is the best Tire & Lube Express technician you've got out there! Treat him like it.

Dear stamping, I am so glad that we found one another. You are perfect for me. I love sending cards and I love that you allow me to make my own. And that they are great! And you are so much fun!

Dear Atlantic Beach, we will be seeing each other soon. 19 days to be exact! And I could not be more excited. I anticipate our reunion with much excitement! Together let's make this a great anniversary vacation!


Love, Cindy


  1. LOVE your letters!!
    We just might have to break down and buy hulu+ ha ha!
    19 days til your beach trip? Yay! And so jealous, ha ha! We're going to Hawaii and I can hardly wait!
    Your tennis shoes are the CUTEST! I need pink shoelaces like that ASAP! :)

  2. Love your sweet letters Cindy. :) AND your cute shoes!!!

    I'm so excited that you have a beach trip in the near future...have lots of fun in the sun for me, too, okay!?


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