Friday, May 17, 2013

5 Fact Friday

Hi friends! Did you think I disappeared? I haven't (obviously), but I just haven't felt like blogging. Anyway, I'm here today to do the Random 5 Friday thing with Nancy!

1. My little baby turned 1 year old last Friday! We've only had Seabass since last August, but it's been so fun to watch him grow up and thankfully to calm down some!

On our way home with the newest Pastorius!!
The day we brought him home.
This was taken just a few weeks ago. He's practically doubled in size! The boy eats so much!
We have to shoo him away from Stank's food. Little booger.

2. I painted my toenails on Friday for the first time since like October. I hate having bare nails when they will show. However, I hadn't worn open toed shoes until Friday. So hot pink it was! And then I realized it matched my night gown!

My toenails match my night gown. =) I love being a girl. #latergram #girlie

3. On Sunday evening a little bit before bed I went to the bathroom. While I was almost done I see a huge wolf spider come scurrying under the bathroom door. I scream and scream and scream. Collin comes running and at this point I'm crying because I'm trapped inside the bathroom with this giant spider. It was the most traumatized I think I've ever been. Holy cow. I literally cried for about 15 minutes because I was so traumatized. Thank goodness I was able to leave the bathroom and Collin was able to get rid of it after I did.

4. The other day we were out on the frisbee golf course. We stumbled upon this beautiful purple flower/plant that was all over this one section and neither of us knew what it was. It makes me sad because I'm pretty good at identifying flowers. Do any of you know what this is?


5. It's been a little while since I've seen a sunrise or a really good sunset. The sun has already peaked when I leave for work now and either I've been at home when the sun has set lately or it's been too cloudy for a nice one. So I was thrilled when I saw this sunset on Tuesday evening!


I hope you guys have a lovely weekend! It's supposed to be warm and nice here. Don't really have much plans except for a minor league ball game on Sunday! It will be fun though. I know that much!



  1. Great shots, what a beautiful cat.

  2. Hey there! Love your painted toes! I rarely wear open toes or flip flops in public just because my feet need more support. Red nails are always very nice during the warmer months of the year though... I am your newest follower by the way! Woo Hoooo

  3. Ah Seabass is gorgeous, we've a little guy who turned one this month too, he eats enough for two toenail polosh, you've great toenails for polish, my nails are little and stubby..everyone needs a rest from blogging

  4. Eeek - you love spiders about as much as I do. One time there was such a huge one in our bathroom that I quickly ran out and stuffed a towel under the door so that it couldn't escape until my husband came home to take care of it. I swear, it was so huge we could have named it and made a pet out of it - (shudder).

  5. Wow -- that spider sounds like a big one -- not a fan either.

    I wonder if that could be wisteria? It sure is lovely, whatever it is. xo

  6. Kinda looks like wisteria to me!
    Why can't animals stay baby-sized, but act like adults forever? They are so cute that way..

  7. Cute kitty and gorgeous toenails! Love the color.

    It looks like wisteria to me too, but i'm not certain. :)

  8. Oh man, your story about the spider reminded me of this one time when husband and I were visiting his father in South Africa, and we went to a wildlife resort.
    I was showering and, lo and behold, a small scorpion shows up to shower with me...I felt this urge to immediately run away but, seeing I was naked and all, I just kept my eyes on the scorpion, managed to turn off the water and grab my towel. Then I ran. It was so surreal!


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