Friday, March 22, 2013

5 Fact Friday

Happy Friday, my friends! It has been a long week here. Not quite sure why, it just seemed to have dragged by. But IT'S THE WEEKEND!! I am so happy for this weekend. Nothing really planned except for a group dinner with my book club and all our husbands on Sunday, but I love weekends!

1. This past week I signed up for some free online courses through a government sponsored "university" to better myself for my job. However, I have spent hours trying to figure out first, why I couldn't log in, and then trying to figure out why the content for the course wouldn't load on my computer. Frustrating. But, at least I got to listen to this ridiculous hold music the university has.

2. Collin has been watching The Walking Dead pretty much since it started. He has always been a zombie fan and I on the other hand am terrified of zombies. I would try not to be around when Collin watched the show but sometimes it was just impossible. Then the story pulled me in. So when Season 3 came back a few weeks ago, I started watching it, too! And now I can't wait for 9 PM on Sunday nights!

3. It snowed on Monday AND Thursday this week. I think I mentioned that earlier. It didn't stick to the roads on Monday and then on Thursday it didn't stick at all, but still, it snowed. However, I didn't hate it. It was much too pretty to hate. I thought it would make me mad because it was supposed to be spring on Wednesday, but I enjoyed the snow!

So pretty! #winter #snow #nature #pretty #isitspringyet

4. The first day of spring turned out to be a pretty nice day! And I love that Rita's gives away free Italian ice that day. I went with Collin and some of his coworkers. I got myself a yummy cup of chocolate!

Free Italian Ice for the first day of spring? Why thank you, Rita's!

5. Taking this photo yesterday afternoon really made my heart happy. It turned out to be such a beautiful afternoon. And it made me want to go on a photo walk to capture spring prettiness.


I hope you guys have a happy weekend. I pray it's full of fun and relaxation!



  1. I enjoyed your 5 facts. The photo of the blue sky is gorgeous! So is the one of the snow-covered red berries. I can't believe we're expected to have snow here on Sunday. Where is spring? :-)

    I'm visiting from the Random 5 Friday meme. Nice to meet you!

  2. Do you have cherries already Cindy? Wow -- way ahead of us. They are so pretty with the snow.

    Thanks for joining in again -- always enjoy your 5 facts.:)

  3. love the snowy shot. wish you well on your class. should be fun. ( :

  4. The blue is beautiful!
    I knew about Rita's giving out free ice but got distracted with dinner plans. I got a coupon in the mail though, so maybe we can use that soon as an excuse to hang out?????? :D

  5. I love your snowy berry shot! It's marvelous. :)

    Gack! My husband is a zombie show/movie fan too. Why? I ask myself, lol. I cover my eyes and say.. 'What's happening? What's happening?' Like i don't know, right?!

  6. Very nice Random 5! Love your great sky photo, too! Have a great weekend!

  7. haha my niece is a huge zombie fan...

  8. Very fun random 5, it's interesting how much it can tell about a person. That's a great sky photo.
    Hugs, Cindy


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