Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Thoughts on Pop Culture

Something I don't understand... why is pop culture such a big deal? Really, how do celebrities affect "normal" people's lives? Why do we care so much about what people are doing, wearing, eating, driving, how they look, etc etc? It's all just a bunch of hyped up nonsense. Sure trends and ideas might come from them, but does that really matter? I feel like if people spent as much time focusing on themselves and the people around them who directly affect their lives as they do focusing on celebrities, everyone would be much happier. We wouldn't be striving for things that are hard to obtain because there's no "superhero" ideals to live up to. We would be striving for the very best for ourselves. Not striving for the things of someone else, someone famous.

The media and pop culture completely over play celebrity deaths, and I'm not saying I'm heartless and don't care that *insert celebrity name here* passed away, but death is a natural part of life. Lots of people die everyday and they don't get days of media coverage. People make such a big deal out of celebrity deaths but it's someone who they didn't even know! Is it really that much of a hardship that they passed away? Is it really going to affect your life so drastically for you to react that way? And like I said, I'm not heartless, I feel compassion for the friends and family of those who died, but most people are not friends/family of the deceased. They don't even know them. So what's the big deal?

When something "news-breaking" happens, you hear about it for days. People talk about it incessantly. It's like it's the biggest thing to ever happen! People get so worked up, so fired up over some dumb little thing that doesn't even affect them. Really, put that passion into something constructive. Why don't we ever talk about God the way we talk about celebrities? Isn't Jesus the ultimate celebrity? Shouldn't we be worshiping Him like we worship pop culture? Or rather, shouldn't we be worshiping Him ALONE and NOT pop culture? Shouldn't we be striving to live like Jesus lived? Shouldn't His ideals be the ones we want to live up to?

Just a thought... let me know what you think, if you agree/disagree/have something to add.


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  1. AMEN!! I totally agree with you! I think it's so easy for people to get so involved with mindless pop culture because it's easy. It doesn't challenge our minds, you know? We are a lazy generation and we'd rather dwell on things that DON'T make us think. At least that's my opinion. And it's sad!! Something definitely needs to change.


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