Friday, July 12, 2013

5 Fact Friday

Happy Friday, my friends! It's another rainy one out there today. It finally cleared up yesterday afternoon/evening and then in the middle of the night a thunderstorm came through and it's been raining ever since. Not sure that it's supposed to stop until much later today, either. =( I hope it's clear for the two weddings we're going to tomorrow though! Though it rained off and on during our wedding day and it was still a fantastic day!

1. Last night we went to Taco Bell for dinner and it was delicious. I hadn't eaten at Taco Bell in months. Actually, I haven't really had fast food much lately at all. It's kind of a feat for us since we used to eat fast food at least once a week.

2. Earlier this week I contemplated writing a blog post rant about people asking us when we're going to have kids. I'm just so tired of getting asked. Sure we've been married for 3 years already and I know that people are just excited for us, but it really upsets me to get asked because I don't know that we will even be able to have kids.

3. The past two nights have been horrible, sleeping-wise. I normally don't have trouble sleeping. Some nights I'll wake up to use the bathroom, but the past two nights were both interrupted by thunderstorms and various other things. It was quite annoying. And I'm quite tired!

4. Cats can have the funniest positions. I walked in the door from work one afternoon and found Seabass relaxing on the couch...

Silly kitty positions. #cats #catsofinstagram #furbaby

5. Since Big Bang Theory isn't available to watch anywhere online and since Collin and I don't have TV service, we'd never really seen the show. However, we've been borrowing the DVDs from people we know with them and we love it! It's such a funny show!

I hope you guys have a great weekend. I am sure that we will enjoy our wedding-filled one! I even got a cute new dress on clearance at Ross for the occasion! I can't wait to wear it and share some love with our good friends tomorrow! I just love love!




  1. fantastic sunflowers. Seabass looks like he expects a glass of iced tea delivered, he is gorgeous. I couldn't have children and it was a difficult question for me too until finally I found the response that fit the person asking and myself.

  2. Big Bang Theory is one of the few shows my husband I both enjoy equally. It truly makes us LOL. Great Sunflower pics.

  3. Super WOW on those flower pictures.
    How did you come to name the cat Seabass??? Wish I'd thought of it. I mean, how fun is that?

    Don't you wish people would mind their own business??? I sure do.

    Happy Happy Day!

  4. Beautiful sunflower shots Cindy -- Mine haven't even gotten buds on them yet!

    Loving your cat's funny pose -- how can he even do that? :)

    Have fun this weekend!

  5. Oh WOW....your sunflowers are gorgeous! Some people just have no boundaries. So annoying!

  6. Love your sunflower pics! They are gorgeous. :). Big Bang Theory is hilarious! Go Sheldon! (He's my favorite.)

  7. Gorgeous sunflowers, Cindy!

    I found the "When are you having kids?" question annoying too. I told everyone we were sticking to the 3-5 year plan. 9 years later no kids. We have had a little bad luck in that department.

    I have had sleeping issues the last two night as well! lol. Hot and toss and turn. Makes me frusterated.

    We are Big Bang fans too.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Beautiful flowers and I hope your weddings are a joyous occasion.. Thanks for visiting me today...

  9. Your Seabass is adorable! My fluffy cat has been lying the same way. I think she's airing out her tummy on these warm days. Cats are always fascinating, aren't they?!

  10. That first pic makes me want to bring my camera over to your old apt and get some shots! Awesome!
    I still think you should just start telling folks, "That's personal," when they ask about the kids things and leave it at that.


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