Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Back on the Grid

Hello blog world!! It's been over a month since I last posted! Whoa. That is so not like me. Sure, at times I would go days, maybe a week without posting, but a month!? Goodness! I suppose I've been sort of in a blog "slump". I just haven't felt compelled to write anything. And then after some time went by without posting I found it got harder to post because I felt bad that it had been so long. But a couple days ago Lynn left me an Instagram comment asking what happened to me. It made me think and realize, ya know what, it's not that hard to get back into blogging. I just gotta do it! So here I am!

Not a *whole* lot has happened in the past month. It's been pretty fun, and a bit busy, but nothing too terribly noteworthy has happened. We're in the pit for our local summer youth musical (cast is ages 10-21, the crew/pit can be any age) and that's taken up a chunk of our time. We have rehearsal for that twice a week and starting next week we have rehearsals Monday-Thursday and then 4 performances Friday-Sunday. Then we have the week days off and then 4 performances that next weekend. It's crazy busy! And to top off the end of those crazy two weeks, my mom's side of the family is having a family reunion on Friday and Saturday which we'll try to stop by in between performances on Saturday. AND my grandma is coming in from Chicago to spend 10 days with us that same Friday! Lots to look forward to.

Besides Summerstock, we have 4 weddings this summer and 1 in the autumn. Two have already happened, and two are THIS Saturday. Two weddings in one day. Good thing they're slightly spaced apart and sorta close together. =) The weddings we've already been to were great! The first one Collin and I did the music for the ceremony, and the second Collin was the DJ. It was so fun seeing my talented hubby at work!

Oh! A fun little thing we discovered... we have a bird feeder up on our porch filled with sunflower seeds. The birds LOVE it. A few weeks ago we noticed little sunflower sprouts popping up in the mulch off our porch. We got curious since we had the feeder at our old apartment, too. We walked over there and it was like a sunflower field! So many flowers, and tall too since they've been in the ground longer! We went back about a week later and they were actually flowered! We loved it! We can't wait for the ones outside our current apartment to flower!

We were taking a walk around the neighborhood and popped by our last apartment. There's a sunflower garden growing from the bird seed that got dropped. We have a few growing here also, but not like that! It's incredible!

Seabass has been keeping us thoroughly entertained lately. He's so crazy. He runs around like a maniac. Then he just flops over and falls asleep. He's so much fun though. I just love watching him with all his energy and his little personality. Stank is sick though and that's been really hard on us. We aren't sure what's wrong with him but he hasn't been eating. We've taken him to the vet and done a few different tests and the doctor said he's ruled out everything he thought it could be and it looks likely that it's cancer. =( We'd appreciate some prayers for us because this is really hard.

My beautiful boy. #cats #catsofinstagram #furbaby #snapseed
Stank before he started acting sick.
He really enjoys bird watching. I distracted him by trying to take a picture.  #cats #catsofinstagram #birds
Seabass bird watching. I have so many pictures of this cutie to share!

So yeah... that's basically what's been going on. I mean, there have been little things here and there but that's the majority of how our June was. Hopefully I'll be back to blogging regularly! Not necessarily every day, but more often than once a month. =)



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