Thursday, July 11, 2013

Storm Relief

During the month of June and so far in July we've had SO MUCH RAIN. It rained almost every day last week, and in June it rained at least a little bit practically every day it seemed! Kinda crazy, huh? It's currently pouring buckets outside. The field across from my window is flooded. In June we even had some pretty terrible storms. One actually produced a tornado (it was only an EF-0) that caused some damage in a nearby neighborhood. It also produced a water spout over the Patuxent River that I saw broadcast live on a TV station based in DC which is about an hour and a half away. This storm was bad, people. But despite all this rain, we have had some pretty sky scenes to make up for it!
After that terrible storm we had this afternoon, this was an especially beautiful sunset! #skylove #thesky #Godlight #sunset
Beautiful post storm sky!

I hope that the weather has been more fair to you than it has to us! I'm ready for a break from the rain. It's been really good for the crops though. The corn is so tall already this year! It's going to be great for corn mazes in the autumn!


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  1. Beautiful skies Cindy! I hope you get some more sunshine soon. :)


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