Friday, October 21, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I am thoroughly enjoying my music today. I always keep my iPod on shuffle and I kept skipping bunches of songs. I suppose if I keep skipping them I should take them off my iPod, but I leave them on because it's stuff I do like I just don't feel like always listening to. Anyway... I decided to create a playlist that I could "shuffle" with all the songs I like to listen to all the time so I never have to skip another song and so far it's been great! I have no idea why I just shared that, I just felt really happy about my music!

So... I'm gonna fill in some blanks now! And they are autumn themed blanks this week! You can play yourself or look at some other blanks by visiting Lauren at the little things we do. I'm sure she'd love your visit!

All Friday blank images belong to Lauren.
1. Nothing says fall like the smell of crisp air and Yankee Candle's Harvest candle. And for none scent stuff, pumpkins and leaves on the ground!

2. My favorite autumnal tradition is one that Collin and I have only been doing recently... going to the corn maze! Other than that I don't really have any "traditions".

3. My favorite fall treat is pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Speaking of which... I need to make those again REAL soon.

4. Fall makes me think of bursts of life because it seems like in fall everything starts up again (school, church programs, sports, clubs, etc.) after the summer break and there's lots of activities going on and it feels like the world is ALIVE. I love it.

5. Autumn free form word association, go! pumpkin, apple, cool weather, boots, tights, COLORS.

6. My go-to outfit in the fall is a dress/skirt with tights, a cardigan and flats (only cause I don't own a pair of dress worthy boots).

7. My favorite fall holiday is (Halloween or Thanksgiving) definitely Thanksgiving. I love the time with family and the food. And I love having a day that's full of thanks for all the blessings in our lives. Granted, I am thankful everyday but I love that there's a holiday dedicated to being thankful! And I really enjoy watching the Macy's Day parade, or at least parts of it.

Man, I love autumn. I don't know that I can express that enough. Next week I'm gonna have some more pretty autumn pictures up here! I hope you all have glorious weekends!



  1. WONDERFUL answers, friend. :) I love Autumn, too. I am really really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Oh BOY, I love Thanksgiving food. YUM.

  2. Yay! I love Fall and THANKSGIVING!! =)


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