Monday, January 9, 2012

Instagram Weekend

This weekend was quite delightful! I had Friday off from work so my weekend started Thursday night! And Collin took me on a date to Outback courtesy of a gift card from his manager! We had a delightful date night and the food was sooo yummy! Friday was a good and gorgeous day. It got up into the mid 60's! I got to go by church and change the decorations in our worship space from Christmas to winter which was pretty fun. It's neat being able to decorate our worship space and make it beautiful for everyone. And I went to Target and printed out a bunch of photos from my phone. Then Collin and I had a nice lazy evening at home and it was delightful!

Saturday was even more gorgeous than Friday was!!

It's 64 and sunny the first week of January! Where can I move so it's always like this?

I want to move somewhere where it's always like it was this weekend. It was perfect! It actually hit 70 (according to my car) on Saturday. I spent the afternoon on Saturday with my sister. We hung out at her apartment since both our husbands work on Saturdays and we watched a movie (Morning Glory, so good!) and a half (we started From Prada to Nada but never finished it because Kaity thought it was boring) and we made ice cream sundaes. Which included needing a trip to the store for all the stuff to make them, including the ice cream! I so wish I had of gotten a picture of our fun afternoon but I just didn't snap any. =(

Saturday night Collin and I went over to our friends Butch and Donna's house. We spent some time chatting and we played a game of Words of Wizdom. So fun. We had a great time with them but we stayed over too late and we were all running a little late for church the next morning. Oops!

Sunday consisted of church which was great! Then afterwards Collin and I got to go to the thrift store and I got a new brown courdoroy skirt from Old Navy for 5 dollars, a cute Christmas tin for 10 cents and a photo album for my iPhone photos for only 50 cents! I would say we had a successful trip to the thrift store! We then went home and had lunch then snuggled on the couch and planned games for youth group.

Curled up on the couch under a blanket while Collin plans for youth group.

Then we took a nice nap on the couch. Apparently I was snoring? haha I don't snore so it must have been how I was laying. The best part was Collin waking up and needing to go to the bathroom but his left leg was asleep so he literally crawled to the bathroom dragging his leg along. So funny!

After our nap we decided we wanted to go frisbee golfing before youth group and we had a great time! We didn't play the full course because it was nearing dusk but we played 8 holes. 1-4, 7-9 and 17. So random but the way the course is set up it worked for us to skip 5 and 6. And they changed where hole 17 is (it was very out of kilter and didn't make sense where it was before now it's great!) so we wanted to try out the new 17 layout!

Late afternoon frisbee golf fun!

The sunset while we were at the park was so neat! There were lots of colors and I love the way it looked on the horizon behind all the trees. And I especially love the silhouette that the trees make with the sun behind them!
Very cool sunset on the frisbee golf course.

We had a good time at youth group and we played a game with the kids called Pictionary Down the Lane (or Telephone Pictionary) which is something we used to play in college all the time (SO MUCH FUN!) and Collin facilitated and I actually got to play to make the numbers even. It was fantastic. The group I was with came up with some fun phrases and the drawings were so funny! The kids really seemed to enjoy themselves. I love our group of middle schoolers and fifth graders. They are such a fun group and I am so glad and blessed to be one of their leaders!

After we got home from youth group we caught the last little bit of the Steelers vs. Broncos game and I must admit, I was glad the Broncos won! It was a close game. We started watching right after the Steelers tied it up. I'm not a football fan and I don't watch it regularly at all, like I watch the Super Bowl and that's it but Collin's dad had it on and we were interested in watching the Steelers potentially lose so we were happy when they did! While watching I got to eat a very delicious box of chocolates that Collin's boss gave me for Christmas!

Chocolates for me from Collin's boss!

 then, she {snapped}

Anyway, it was a wonderful weekend! Sorry I haven't yet posted my recap of 2011 post yet. I keep making empty promises about posting it so I'm not going to promise I'll post it this week but I sure do hope to have it posted this week! So keep your eyes out for it! I hope you had a wonderful weekend like I did! May your week be filled with lots of fun and blessings!



  1. What a great set of pics!!! Love the chocolates! It was a great football game wasn't it!!!

  2. What a wonderful long weekend! It was in the upper 60s here, too, and I think it will stay that way for the next couple of days! Such a nice treat for January...but I know that the cold temps are hiding just around the corner. ;)

    Love that you girls made ice cream sundaes...and watched Morning Glory (loved that movie!)And how cool that you snagged such good deals at the thrift store! Awesome!!

    Wishing you a very happy week ahead! xoxo

  3. what a nice weekend. and now I want chocolate!


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