Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life in Boxes

Look who's helping us pack. Lol
Stank wanted to help us pack. =P
 then, she {snapped}

Welp, it finally came! The day I thought would never come finally came. We moved out of Collin's parent's basement! Woo! Yesterday was the big day and overall it went really smoothly. We had lots of help from some great friends and family, and we were so thankful for them and their willingness to help us. We got everything out of the storage unit and most of our stuff from the house. There's still a few things left behind at the house but they'll get brought over this week, including Stank! I can't wait to see what he thinks about his new digs.

The apartment is so cute and cozy. It's tiny, only a one bedroom, but it's perfect I think. Everything is still in boxes so it seems really small but once we unpack and organize I think it will be just right! I can't wait to get it all set up and fully liveable. Once we do I'll definitely take pictures, and maybe even a video tour! So yeah... that's what's going on in my life. The next several days will be filled with unpacking boxes and lots of organizing. Good thing I enjoy organizing. =)



  1. That's exciting! Have fun unpacking!

  2. Yaaaasy! Moving out of my parent's house was the best move ever - you are so thankful to have a place of your own, even if it's small. Have fun setting up your new place!!! Let me know when you post pics :)


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