Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Season's First!

This weekend we got to spend a day in DC with some good friends of ours and had a good time! It was HOT. Very, very hot. But, we still enjoyed ourselves. We started out our day at the Air and Space Museum. And then we walked to the Botanical Gardens and on that walk and walking through the outside gardens was when I got pretty miserable. But, it's okay. I cooled down a little inside the conservatory, but not too much because it is pretty humid in there afterall. =) Anyway, after that we walked over to 7th and Constitution to see the Memorial Day parade. Collin and Jeff really wanted to see Gary Sinise. We had seen earlier that morning outside the Air and Space Museum that he was going to be on a float representing NBC. They were happy guys to see him! We ended our day in DC with a quick trip into the American Art Museum. And yes, we did go view our "Snails Space" artwork again. =) I'm telling you, we love it. Seriously go see it if you are ever in DC and have the opportunity to go to the American Art Museum. Anyway, we had a really good day and we even got to stop for dinner at Chili's on the way home and enjoyed some delicious food!

During our walk from the Botanical Gardens to 7th and Constitution we passed this beautiful median with sunflowers. I was SO excited. Because at this point I was really quite hot and miserable and it brought me so much joy and really perked me up seeing those sunflowers. They were the first I've seen growing this year! Super exciting! I can't wait until sunflowers are growing all over and I can go to the Farmer's Market and buy bunches for the house all the time!

Beautiful sunflowers in the middle of DC. Made my day!
Oh how I love the beauty of the sunflower.
 then, she {snapped}


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  1. I love spotting sunflowers, too, Cindy! These are beautiful photos!!!


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