Wednesday, May 30, 2012

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday

I love my sweet kitty.
My sweet little kitty thoroughly enjoys being on our bed. When we lived with Collin's parents we kept the bedroom door closed so that the other animals wouldn't get in there and make a mess (one didn't use the litter box for his number 2 business and I didn't want any of that in my bedroom). It always made Stank sad because he wanted to be with us, so now he is taking full advantage of having an open door to the bedroom. The only problem, we have to vacuum the foot of the bed all the time because he leaves behind lots of hair!

 then, she {snapped}



  1. OMG, cute kitty! I'm not 100% sure of how the sponsorship is done but I know that many bloggers hire agencies that will represent them, it takes money to make money but still... I think it's a cool perk but it's not as easy as it seems, there is a lot of responsibility representing a brand!


  2. Aww! Look at that super cute and HAPPY kitty!! :D


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