Monday, April 4, 2011

Becoming a Runner?

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I'm not a runner, I never have been. I'm not athletic, I never have been that either. However, I'm really wanting to lose a few pounds and get into shape. And as much as I want to do it, I haven't been able to motivate myself to exercise. Last week though I looked into the Couch to 5k program and I've made a decision. I am going to do it. I'm starting today and in 9 weeks I should be able to run a 5k. And participating in an actual 5k Run is motivation to do this thing! This is exciting for me! I've always admired runners. I had friends who were on the cross country and track teams and I wished I could run like that but I never did it. I'm not claiming that after I'm done with the program I'll go on to run a marathon or what not, but who knows. I've heard that once you start running it becomes really addicting. I'd like that to be the case. I'd like to become more active in my lifestyle and running is very good for you! So here goes nothing! Collin is going on this journey with me. He used to run with his dad growing up and now he's going to run with me. I'm glad he is, it will hold me accountable. And you guys can hold me accountable, too! I'm sure I'll share some of this journey on here but ask me how it's going from time to time if you like!

If you've ever done the Couch to 5k program before, what did you think of it? I'd really like to get some thoughts and tips from others!



  1. Good for you, girl! That is so awesome! YOU CAN DO IT!! (I'm a terrible runner.)

  2. i tried c25k when i very first wanted to start running and it didn't work for me, but i think it was mostly due to circumstances (it was late fall so it got cold, my running partner wasn't into it & bailed on me, i didn't have the right shoes,etc) but i do know several people who were successful with it.

    my only advice is STICK WITH IT. running sucks at first, but it gets better. also, go ahead and pick a race and sign up now!! it will give you the motivation to stick with it when it gets hard since you are committed. crossing your first finish line is an amazing feeling! good luck!


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