Thursday, April 14, 2011

If Only I Had Money...

I think spring is finally here. It's been in the 60's every day this week and will continue to be 60 or higher for the foreseeable forecast! Which means soon I can wear lots and lots of skirts and dresses! I have a few nice summery dresses and skirts which I wore a lot of last year but I wish I had an endless supply of money to buy some new ones to add to my wardrobe. Here are just a few of the dresses I'd like to buy!
Dot Jacquard Sundress at Dress Barn

Everyday Bouquet Dress at Mod Cloth

Shanghai Dress at Shabby Apple

Cross-Front Dress at Old Navy

So who'd like to donate to the "Cindy wants a new wardrobe" fund? Anybody? ; )

What's your favorite thing to wear during the warm spring days and throughout summer? Is it skirts and dresses like me? I'd love to know what you're wishing to add to your wardrobe!



  1. I am with you Cindy!! Spring comes and I want to SHOP! although, I don't know how Spring is different than any other season. i like clothes. ;) Ahh well, it is good to get creative with what we do have, ya? I am so glad you got your book! happy! ;)

  2. Oh CINDY! I am now also wanting the 2nd and 3rd dresses. AAAGH! You have such beautiful taste in style!! Love new spring dresses. Now if only I had a money tree. ;)


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