Friday, June 1, 2012

Where My Blog Got Its Name

Hi friends! So I thought I would explain to you all where my blog got its name from! Mainly because there's some news behind it! =D Back in 2010 when I was thinking of starting a blog Collin and I were talking about starting a podcast together. I was kind of wanting my new blog to be an extension of the podcast but not completely the same. Just like some extra content and what not. So, beacause of that I wanted the names to coordinate. The podcast name is This, That and the Other Day and that was just too long to make a web address and Collin didn't want my actual blog name to be the exact same. Thus I shortened the blog name to This and That and the web address to (so many of my other options were taken!).

Anyway, the news! We never actually began podcasting in 2010 when we said we would. Things kept coming up, we didn't have enough money for the hosting site, etc., so it just never happened. Well, we recorded an episode on Wednesday (finally!) and posted it yesterday! I won't be on every episode like we originally thought, but I will most likely be a regular guest! The podcast will basically be a show about life, funny stories, movies, tv, etc. A type of variety show if you will. And Collin (and I) would love user submitted content and feedback too!

If you'd like to subscribe to the feed for the podcast you can do so here and if you'd like to visit the podcast's website you can do so here. I'd love it if you'd have a listen and tell me what you think! It was so fun to record. It's a short episode since it's a pilot and we were basically just introducing the show but yeah! I've embedded it below also for you to check out. I hope you all enjoy!


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  1. This is great :) You guys have great voices for radio!

    Best of luck!


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