Monday, December 10, 2012

Eskimo Kisses

This past weekend was a really delightful one. For the most part it was really relaxing and fun!

Friday was my day off and I spent it cleaning up around our apartment. I did have to come into work for about an hour to send some pallets off on a truck but it wasn't bad! The truck came a lot sooner than I expected so I was there for one hour instead of three! Then in the evening I cooked dinner and burned my fingers. =( It was so stupid but I pulled a pan out of the oven with butternut squash on it. I used the oven mitt to pull it out and set the pan on the stove to test and flip over the squash... well, I had the oven mitt on to touch the squash and I grabbed the pan to steady it with my other hand that DIDN'T have on an oven mitt. It touched for maybe a split second but it was the most excruciating pain!! I have never burned myself like that before and boy I don't ever want to again. My fingers throbbed ALL night. Fortunately it was a very slight 1st degree burn, I have no blistering and it actually is mostly healed now. The skin is just a little tight in the areas on my fingers that touched. But goodness. That was no fun. So after Collin finished making dinner and we ate, I finally put ornaments up on the tree! I'd been putting it off because I was afraid of Seabass attacking the tree and destroying my ornaments. So far he's only gotten two ornaments off and has only gotten in the tree once... Ha! I didn't put any on the bottom of the tree and none of my fragile ones are on. But it makes me happy! I'm gonna take more pictures possibly this week!

Eskimo kisses with a cat are the best.
Eskimo Kisses with a cat are the best!
He sleeps in the most funny positions! I'm just glad he's asleep and not terrorizing the house.
He sleeps in the most funny positions! I was just glad he was asleep and not terrorizing the house
I finally got some ornaments on the tree. Here's hoping the cats don't destroy them...

Saturday after Collin got off work we ran our usual errands. Then that evening we went to a local farm, Flat Iron Farms, and walked around the barns and shops. We saw lots of cool animals. And the light show is always awesome. They have SO many lights up around the driveway of the farm. And the main house has lights that are set to music. It's so great! After we were done looking around at the farm we went over to my sister's apartment where she and Tim fed us chili. It was delicious and they had so much food! I will be making the cheese dip and apple spice cake they had!

Bubby Knott's 002
The goats have this ramp they can climb up onto to get onto one of the pens. It's so fun to watch them up there!
Bubby Knott's 004
Bubby Knott's 006
Bubby Knott's 008
Miniature Ponies!
Bubby Knott's 009
Mom and baby goats
Bubby Knott's 011
Bubby Knott's 014
Alpaca (brown) and Llama (white and tan)
Bubby Knott's 015
Bubby Knott's 016
Miniature Donkeys
Bubby Knott's 017
Bubby Knott's 018
Bubby Knott's 021
This ginormous guy is a Watusi. I literally let out a shriek when I peered into his stall. It surprised me. And his horns are HUMONGOUS!
Bubby Knott's 023
This is a Joseph (or Four Horned) Sheep

Yesterday was a very "chill" day. Collin and I stayed home most of the day watching tv and laughing at and playing with our goofy cats. We did go out to find some chew toys for Seabass since he has decided that chewing on our pillows and comforter is now his new favorite thing. We've had to keep our bedroom door closed which makes our bedroom freezing! I hate it! Plus, it's less space the cats have to wander around in when the door is closed. Hopefully providing him with his own pillow he actually is allowed to chew on will prevent him from destroying our bedding... Anyway, we also finished up our Christmas shopping yesterday. Well, all except for one person. That makes me VERY happy. Now it's just the wrapping that needs to get done.

The boys are snuggly today!
Seabass never likes to lay on us and snuggle. So when he does I always try to document it!

 then, she {snapped}

How was your weekend? I hope it was as nice as mine. I am SO tired today though. For having a relaxing weekend I can't believe how tired I am. But oh well. I'll survive. =) Happy Monday!



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