Wednesday, December 19, 2012

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday I had a sick day. =( I started feeling icky on Monday evening. It started with a sore throat and I went to bed congested. Then I could barely sleep because my throat hurt so bad and I kept waking up not being able to swallow due to the pain. So I woke up Tuesday morning and my throat felt like knives were in there. I feel better today, thank goodness. Not 100%, but my throat is not nearly as bad and the congestion is mostly gone. At least while I was home yesterday I got to enjoy some relaxing, TV watching, play/snuggle with my kitties and wrap all my Christmas presents (with the exception of Collin's)!

The sunrise this morning was beautiful!
We had a gorgeous sunrise yesterday. I unfortunately woke up at my semi-normal time since I didn't know I would be too sick to go to work. But this sunrise made up for it. It was like the sky was on fire!
I tried to let him out of his cage but he just wanted to stay in there and chase his tail. lol
Seabass had been misbehaving so I put him in his cage for a few minutes to calm him down. I tried to let him out of his cage but he just wanted to stay in there and chase his tail. lol
This baby is so content just sleeping on his pillow on the couch.
Stank was so content just sleeping on "his" pillow on the couch yesterday. He barely moved.
At least a sick day is good for something... I got all my presents wrapped.
Most of my wrapped presents. Some I'd already put in their boxes to mail!

I hope that you have a good Wednesday, my friends! We've got our work "Dirty Santa" gift exchange today so that should be a lot of fun! It's always fun to see the gifts being passed around!


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