Monday, December 17, 2012

Need To Shop, Still?

*Before I start this post, I want to say that I was in no way sponsored to write this or review this site. I am doing this all on my own because I believe in what this company is doing and want to introduce my blog friends to this goodness!*

A couple weeks ago our church hosted a Handmade Gifts sale featuring items from the company Serrv. My friend Jeannie was coordinating this sale and so I helped her out a bit because I really thought it was a great concept. All the items that this company provided have been hand made by artisans of third-world countries. And all the profits from the sales of the items go directly to the artisans themselves. Serrv is a nonprofit organization so they do not take a commission from the pieces sold. The mission of Serrv is to eradicate poverty by providing opportunity and support to artisans and farmers in these third-world countries. From the Serrv website:

"We strive to enrich lives around the world and to inspire real change for the better.
Our work encompasses more than just buying and selling.
We offer prepayments so our partners can sustain their business.
Create new designs so they can build their markets.
Teach new skills so they can develop their craft.
Provide grants so they can expand their resources. "

I love what this company is doing! I love that they are providing resources for the artisans to continue with their business. I love that they are teaching them new skills and giving them support. I think this is a fantastic program and company. And the products that they sell are great! I love how unique they are and how much of a selection there is. I bought a few Christmas presents from Serrv this year and I know that I will continue to buy gifts (and things for myself) from them.

A few of my favorite things are (all captions are links to that item)

This Autumn Gem Necklace

This Coin Purse
This Orange Weekender Bag
This Orange Business Bag
This Wooden Cat Family
This Carved Floral Wall Hanger
This Autumn Basket

and so much more! They have WONDERFUL products. Go browse and look at the many different and wonderful products you can buy!

If you still have some Christmas shopping to do, check out Serrv. It's not too late to order from them (so long as you live on the East Coast/Midwest) to have your items shipped for Christmas! And the prices are quite good! I can guarantee the gifts you give will not be duplicate gifts! And the best part about it is, you're supporting a REALLY good cause. You can honestly feel good about gifting. Sometimes I hate the over commercialization of the holiday and that most of the products you buy come from China, a country not struggling at all. The gifts I've bought from Serrv are supporting someone who IS struggling; it's nice knowing I've given back in a way this Christmas season.

I urge you to check it out and consider buying some goodies from Serrv. And even if it's too late for your Christmas shopping, keep it in mind for other presents you may need to buy, or even for yourself for new home decor, fashion accessories, and even food!


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