Friday, April 5, 2013

5 Fact Friday

I love Fridays. Absolutely love them. Most of the time anyway. =) I love them even more when it's my Friday off. Unfortunately this is not that one. Actually, I don't really blog on my Friday off. I'm too busy enjoying my free time! This week actually kind of flew by, which is a very good thing!

1. We are moving a week from tomorrow into a 2-bedroom apartment. We have nothing packed yet. And we've only acquired 3 boxes so far. Good thing we have people putting boxes aside for us...

2. Last weekend I read a really great book called invisible by Ginny Yttrup. I highly recommend it. Actually I'm posting a review of it later today!

Reading a really great book with a cat at my feet sitting in bed while Collin podcasts.

3. Last weekend it was really nice outside so we spent Saturday afternoon playing frisbee golf for the first time this year, and then we got Rita's!

First day out frisbee golfing this year!
Delicious Rita's after frisbee golfing! #latergram #yummy #Rita's #italianice

4. I think I found a solution to our problem with the cats waking us up. I started giving them half of their normal food amount in the evening and giving them the other half just before bedtime. So far they've not woken us up and it's been 3 mornings now!

5. Our play is coming along pretty nicely. We have performances April 19 and 20 at our church and it's been a pretty fun experience so far!

Have a wonderful weekend, dear ones! I'll see you next week!



  1. Looks like you have a wonderful reading buddy. It's so nice to get out and enjoy the nice temps and sunshine.

    Have a great weekend, Cindy!

  2. Happy Friday to you!
    I enjoy good books, too.
    Good luck on training cats!
    Have a wonderful week-end!
    Lea's Menagerie

  3. I would have never thought to do that with cats waking you up early. When I had a cat she would jump up from the floor and land right in the middle of my stomach at 4 in the morning. And, she'd do it until I got up. Crazy cat.

  4. Oh, Ritas! My niece loves that place! : )

  5. That's true. A hungry cat means "more" mischief.

  6. We feed our cats right before bed, too, but they still want some food by around 6 a.m. I love my sleep, but it's so funny to wake up with a cat on your stomach, staring, willing you to wake up and feed her! :-)

  7. Whatever it is you and your hubs are eating in that last photo (frozen yogurt?) I want some! Looks delish.

    Thanks so much for sharing at R5F this week Cindy and have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I want Rita's now too. Yummy! :) Best wishes with your move. Packing is not fun. I would put it off too. Totally :D

  9. i will look into that book. thanks for the suggestion. have a great weekend. ( :


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