Thursday, April 4, 2013

Book Review: Invisible

Last week I read the book Invisible by Ginny Yttrup. I was emailed by Handlebar Publishing asking if I was interested to read this book. It seemed interesting enough to me so I agreed! Let me just start off by saying that I did not want to put this book down. Every opportunity I had to read I was doing so. I finished it in just four days and the days were filled pretty tightly with Easter activities. It was also a pretty easy read though it was a fairly long novel.

Invisible is the story of three women who each feel that either they are invisible or they want to be invisible. It's a story about God's love and redemption. A story of finding your true self as created in the Image of God. The book tells the story of Ellyn, a gourmet chef and restaurant owner who has struggled as long as she can remember with her physical appearance. She believes herself to be too fat and ugly to be loved. It also tells the story of Twila, a young lady in her mid-twenties who works at the local health food store and wants to help others feel healthy. She struggles with an eating disorder which stems from abandonment issues from her past. It also tells the story of Sabina, a practicing counselor who has come to this tiny town for about a year. She is really there to escape from her issues and hopefully overcome her depression.

Throughout the novel the three ladies become unlikely friends who each have a very big part in helping the recovery of the others. They help each other discover the healing that only God can provide for them. But most importantly, they help each other realize that they are truly made in the Image of God.

This novel was not necessarily just a light-hearted read. It contained some pretty heavy topics and was very emotional. But it was oh so very good. It kept me riveted and I loved how it told the story from the perspectives of the different characters. I felt like I really got to know each of the women intimately because I was "listening" to them all. After you read this book, I challenge you to not be changed by it. I love when a fiction novel teaches and reminds me of extremely valuable lessons.


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