Monday, April 15, 2013

If You Have To Move...'s nice to have a weekend like we did! Moving is never fun. Packing boxes and then moving them, scouring up help to move the big furniture, borrowing a truck/trailer to put the stuff in (thank goodness for our dads and friend, Butch!), and finding places for the boxes in the new place so you can "live around them" is just frustrating. But, it's all not so bad when the weekend is as beautiful as it was for us!

It was in the mid 60's and sunny both Saturday and Sunday! We did a bit of moving on Friday too, when it was off and on rainy and in the 70's. Still not bad but not quite as nice and Saturday and Sunday when we did a good chunk of the stuff!

It's a beautiful day for moving! #spring #pretty #sky #skylove

We are so excited that we are finally in our much larger two bedroom!! I LOVE it. It may only be about 210 extra square feet but it's huge to us! It feels so much more roomy and we have a hallway!! We've never really had a hallway in any of our places so far. It may seem trivial, but it's big enough we have a hallway! I think another reason it seems larger is because in addition to the extra space, we have less furniture stuff in our living area. Since we have a second bedroom the bookshelves are all in there and we got rid of a bookshelf that was falling apart.

We can't wait to continue unpacking and make this place our cozy new home. It's already pretty cozy, I just know it will get even better when it's decorated, all the boxes are gone, and we've bought the few things we need that weren't needed in our old place! I'm so glad we stayed in our same community though because we've absolutely loved living there for the past year. It was a great bonus when we were looking to upgrade that they had a two bedroom that was very much so within our price range!

It is definitely a relief though that the move is over with. We were both pretty stressed about it, but it went fairly smooth! A big HUGE shout out to our family and the few friends that helped us. Without them it would have been much, much more stressful!


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  1. Congrats on finally being in the new place!! So exciting. I can't wait to see pics! :)


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