Friday, April 19, 2013

5 Fact Friday

Happy Friday! We've officially had our new apartment for one week today! Though we didn't have our first night in our new apartment until Saturday, we signed the lease and began moving stuff in on Friday. =) And then of course this week has been super busy because of it. But not just because of moving. Our play at church is tonight and tomorrow! So Monday night and last night we had rehearsals. And of course we had the normal praise team rehearsal on Tuesday night. All of our spare time so far has been spent unpacking. But it hasn't been too bad! We got a good bit done so far. I love it!

1. Since we lived in a one bed/one bath apartment before, we have things we need that we didn't before, so tomorrow during the day we'll be purchasing things for our new place! I love it!

2. When I get stressed my stomach acts weird. It's very unfortunate that I had two big events back to back like this (moving and the play) because my stomach has been a mess! I've been taking acid reducer medicine for about two weeks now to help calm my stomach.

3. The sky is my favorite thing to photograph, that's nothing new to my followers. This sunset last Friday was breathtaking.

An awesome sunset tonight!! #sky #skylove #sunset

4. I unfortunately did not get out my "big girl" camera at all this spring. Or at least not so far. And to be honest, I've failed pretty miserably at taking pictures in general. But I've been so busy that I just haven't had time. That's not to say though that I've failed to notice the beauty. Because that would be so wrong. I have enjoyed and appreciated the GORGEOUS spring we've had every day. It's been incredible! I did take a few pictures with my iPhone though.

Beautiful cherry blossoms in my in laws front yard! #spring #pretty #flowers
Pretty pear tree blossoms in my in laws back yard! #spring #pretty #flowers
Most of the trees are all green now, but these outside of work are pink and fluffy and beautiful! #spring #flowers #pretty #nature

5. With all this talk of Google Reader disappearing, I want to make you guys aware that I do indeed have Bloglovin. If you'd like you can follow me over there to keep up to date on all my posts!
Follow on Bloglovin

Happy weekend, friends! I hope you have a wonderful and delightful time. I am really looking forward to the play, though I will be a bit relieved when it's over because hopefully my stomach will get back to normal, and I will have free time again!



  1. such pretty photos. happy unpacking!

  2. I love to photograph the sky too! It's always so pretty. I love the flowers! iPhones take pretty nice pictures!

  3. So many people are opting for the iPhone vs. the big girl camera. Don't feel bad -- your pictures are awesome! xo

  4. Beautiful shots! Love that sunset.

  5. It must be so exciting to be moving - and then to have your play at the same time! Enjoy!

  6. Love the photos, especially the sunset--spectacular! Hope the stomach settles down soon. My stomach reacts to what's going on in my life, too. :-( Good luck on the play!!

  7. Gorgeous sunset and the blooms -- wonderful! Spring has sprung! Take care of your tummy.

  8. gorgeous blooms. sorry to hear about your tummy. i can sympathize with you there. i have issues when i am stressed or have a terrible sinus headache. not my friend at all. i guess you learn to live with what you have, right??! have a great week. ( :

  9. Awesomely beautiful spring buds! Sorry about your tummy issues. I can relate.

  10. Wow, that sunset is GORGEOUS. I'm happy your move went well and I'm excited to see the new place (even if there are still unpacked boxes)!

    I'm very sad I missed the cherry blossoms. I only got one pic of the front of my house and that was it! I came back and it had "snowed" on the yard and all the trees were green. Boo!

  11. Your blossom photos are gorgeous, and the sunset is magnificent. :) Moving is very stressful, i hope you find stress relief soon.

  12. You certainly have been busy!! And the blossoms are lovely. SKY shot is just breathtaking :)


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