Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Little Glimpse of Spring

Just wanted to pop in today to share this photo I took outside of work last week. These flowers are so fluffy and pink. It's been absolutely great seeing them everyday for a week or so! I love how spring is so beautiful!
Most of the trees are all green now, but these outside of work are pink and fluffy and beautiful! #spring #flowers #pretty #nature

Scattered Horizons
I must say though, my allergies do not like how spring is so beautiful! The past few days I've been feeling the effects of the pollen for sure. It's not as bad as some, but with the tree pollen levels as high as they are, just about everyone is affected some how or another!

I hope that if pollen has over taken your area you aren't suffering from allergies too bad! But if you are, remember, at least it's really beautiful out. ;)



  1. Remember how pretty it is... AND how satisfied you feel after a good sneezing session! :D

  2. Beautiful! My allergies are doing okay now but when spring started here in CA, they were going nuts!

  3. I love the softness of the color and the flowers! As a fellow allergy sufferer, I can relate to loving and hating Spring at the same time. Thank you for sharing and for linking up with Tones on Tuesday!


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