Monday, September 12, 2011

It Started With Ice Cream

*On Friday I mentioned that Thursday evening was a bit eventful and all I said was it started with wanting ice cream and Collin getting 3 stitches. Anyway, here is Collin's story about what happened that interesting and "exciting" night...*

Ok. So I have been asked to share my tale of woe, so here's the "scoop." Cindy and I had just finished dinner. I was feeling like having one of our chocolate chip cookies that we had made. Cindy said she wanted ice cream and I suddenly thought "That's not a bad idea!" So we got out the ice cream cartons. They still had the bands around them from being brand spanking new. I, being a man, decided I didn't want to walk across the basement to get a pair of scissors because, well, it wouldn't be the most efficient use of my time. Instead I look to what's closest. A drawer full of silverware was right in front of me. How convenient! But there are no steak knives or a sharp knife of any kind in the drawer. "This butter knife should work fine," I said. I've made them work in the past anyway.

So I go at this plastic devil of a seal around the ice cream wedging this butter knife underneath it and just laying into it. While this is happening Cindy is over at the refrigerator making some noise. I hear something hit the ground and ask "What was that?" "I broke the can of whipped cream," Cindy responded. Now I have this knife wedged under this thing with a good amount of weight on it and I'm wondering at the same time how you break a can of whipped cream. Then Cindy comes round the corner holding the can. Turns out just the nozzle on top had come off. So now I have the knife going all out and the confusion about how this constitutes the can being broken, AND THEN the band gives way.

Now, the knife didn't actually cut the band. It only punctured a hole and then proceeded swiftly to the next thing... my left index finger. Now the great thing here is that there is no censorship required. I said the first thing that came to me and mind you, in a somewhat calm voice. "Ah, crap." I knew I wasn't going to get that ice cream. Cindy sees that I cut myself and deems this an emergency and starts speaking in worried wife speak. "Are you ok?! What happened?! You need a paper towel!" I had a paper towel already so I told her she needed to calm down or I was going to get upset. She calmed down and went to get a bandaid and some ointment. We went into the bathroom to get better lighting. When we looked at the wound I touched the tip of my finger and this big red line appeared going from the front to the back. "You need stitches. We're taking you to the emergency room."

Now we're getting ready to leave and Cindy says "Do you think I have enough time to go to the bathroom really quick?" "I'd rather you didn't," I responded. *Just to clarify... I was genuinely concerned about Collin's well being and getting him to the hospital. I just had to pee REALLY bad. lol*

So, we get to the hospital and everyone that we talk to there wants to see it. "Can I see it?" "Let's have a look." This one woman kept coming by. It must have been five or six times. I initially asked her if she wanted to see it too. She said she's just getting insurance information and didn't need to see it. But when she kept coming back, I said "you sure you don't want to see it?"

While we were waiting for the doctor to come in, I decided to call some people to tell them the tale. The doctor came in, numbed and stitched me up, and I was good to go. Cindy was on her iPod during that part to keep from looking at the blood. All in all, it was a great experience... aside from hurting myself.
Collin on the phone waiting for the doctor
You'd never know he had a giant slice in his finger based on his laughter
Rolling my eyes at my silly husband
9:20 in the evening... We'd been there about 30 minutes so far and
still had another hour and a half until we would get to go home
*Because of his stitches Collin wasn't allowed to use his finger for 48 hours and had to have it buddy taped to his middle finger. So, due to his contraints he wasn't able to work Friday or Saturday. We had a normal weekend and it was GLORIOUS!! I'll share more about that later this week!*

Cindy & Collin


  1. Oh No Collin! OUCH!

    What a crazy night...all for some ice cream. HA. (& I love your hospital attire...nice shirt!)

    Cindy, I'm so happy you ended up having a glorious weekend! :D

  2. oh that is owie, but this post is SUPER FUN. Great to officially "meet' you Collin! =)

  3. Collin's such a good sport! I would have cried my eyes out. Glad all he needed were three stitches!


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