Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas is Coming!

You guys! Christmas is coming! And you wanna know how I know?! Well, first of all it's December 1st and that means Christmas is only 24 days away!! But anyway... besides that I saw holly the other day. Holly is such a Christmas thing to me. I love it! The house that my family first lived in while I was growing up had holly trees and they would always bloom right around Christmas time. It's so beautiful! Anyway, these pictures I took out on the frisbee golf course where apparently they have holly trees. =)

and then, she {snapped}

What is something that you see that just means Christmas to you? There's plenty for me but holly is definitely one of them! Have you decorated your house yet? Collin and I have yet to put our tree up or decorate any, but his parents have put some of their stuff up. It's just hard to know if we'll even get to put our own tree up. I want to but I'm not sure where we can put it that his parents won't be inconvenienced by us moving stuff. Next Christmas we'll be in our own space and won't have any trouble being able to put up a tree and decorations.



  1. I love holly. It is so pretty. Maybe you could do a little tree... just to have one of your own.

  2. That second capture has such beautiful light! Gorgeous.


  3. Oh that is lovely and Christmassy.

  4. Ooooh! Love the Holly! I think something that signifies the start of Christmas for me is when the radios start playing the holiday music...and when they light the Advent wreath at church! :)

  5. xmas is just around the corner!
    lovely xmas pictures!
    thanks for this joyous post!

    happy thursay!

  6. So lovely! Holly is beautiful. Poinsettia means Christmas to me. Beautiful pictures!

  7. These are so pretty! I love my holly tree too!

  8. You have REAL holly??? So cool. have holly and we have snow. I guess it is December!! lol =)

  9. I love holly...your photos are beautiful!


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