Monday, December 12, 2011

Running Success!

The Jingle Bell Run was a huge success on Saturday! Collin and I arrived at the Holiday Inn where the race was starting right at the beginning of the day of registration time. Collin got himself registered and then I ended up helping out a bit with the event and manned the chip-check station for a while. Then after the race I manned the prize table. It was a lot of fun being an impromtu volunteer! Our friend and co-youth group leader Kelly has been the coordinator of this race for 13 years!

Anyway, the race itself was great. This was the 14th year we've had the Jingle Bell Run in Solomon's and this year we had 829 registrants and $31,141 was raised at this event which brings the total amount of money raised to $154,154 in the past 14 years! That's incredible! And the funds go to the Arthritis Foundation so it's definitely a wonderful cause to support!

So as for Collin, he did really well! This was his first 5k (and first race, ever) and he had only begun running 3 mile intervals last week! I was so stinking impressed with him. He came in 127 over all (out of the 829 I mentioned above) with a time of 00:25:24. But the cool thing is, he placed 12th for his age division which was 19-29 yr old males! My hubby is a good little runner! He was a little disappointed in his time and feels like if he had started training sooner (he just began running regularly a couple months ago) he would have been better prepared for the cold and ran faster. But I think for it being his first race and for the amount of time he's been running he did really, really well! I can't wait to see how much faster he gets with more training.

Collin before the race

The starting line with Kelly getting ready to announce the start

Collin off on his way! (You can see him in the background wearing the grey beanie behind two boys)

More people on their way with Santa cheering them on

Collin coming back! (You can see him leading the pack there)

My cheesin' hubby

It was a great race and I'm glad I was able to be there to help out and to support my husband! I can't wait for other races he might participate in!


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