Wednesday, December 21, 2011

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday

Me with our baby Christmas tree =)

Since we live in such a confined little space we aren't able to put up our normal tree this year. However, my mom had this little table topper tree and she put some lights on it and put it in the cute pot and gave it to me. I added some small ornaments I had bought for my tree last year and now I have a Christmas tree, albeit very small!
(Sorry about the quality of the second picture. I used the front facing camera on my iPhone and the quality is not NEARLY as good but I loved the picture anyway so I wanted to post it).

Wordless Wednesday

and then, she {snapped}



  1. Our first apart was so small we didn't have room for a tree eaither! So we got a mini one :) haha its cute! Cute pics!


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