Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Happenings As of Late

Is it alright if I share some photos with you guys to fill you in on what's been going on the past week? I feel like it's easier that way to get you guys updated on my life!
Delicious shake I just made! Light vanilla ice cream with chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast and a little milk! Soo yummy!
So last Thursday after work I went home and my weekend had begun! I was hungry but knew it would be a while before Collin would get off work for us to have dinner. I wanted something nutritious and it was really warm outside so I wanted a milkshake. Therefore I decided to make a semi-nutritious milkshake. I took light vanilla ice cream and added some Carnation Breakfast Essentials poweder in Milk Chocolate for my nutrition and chocolate flavor. Then I added in some milk and blended away in our little single serve blender thing. It was SOO delicious.
Relaxing on the back porch on this beautiful day with my shake and my Stank! ; )
And because it was such a beautiful day I enjoyed my shake on the back porch with my Stank!
My awesome loot from my Thirty One party!!! Being a hostess rocks!!
A few weeks ago I hosted a Thirty One party and I was the first hostess for my mother-in-law who joined the business at the beginning of February. I had a really good party and this was all the loot I got for being a hostess! I was SO excited about it!!
It's snowing like crazy today!
Oh it's just do beautiful, I don't care that it's snowing in March and I really want spring.
Monday it snowed like crazy! It was absolutely gorgeous! It was the most snow we'd had all year. And it was the BEST kind of snow! Once it stopped snowing around 2pm or so it all melted within an hour! =D
And after a snowy day we have a beautiful sunset!
And after a snowy day we had a beautiful sunset!
I don't care that this is blurry. Me working hard for the government. =)
I don't care that this is blurry. This is me working hard for the government. ; )
And the result of my being in a box. Getting all this stuff out so we can inventory it.
And here's the result of me being in that box. It was so deep that we couldn't get everything out of it to inventory so I needed to get in to toss the stuff out.
Exactly 2 months until I can officially call this home!
Over the weekend Collin and I looked into some apartments in the area. We found one that is perfect for us and in our price range and we put down our deposit on Sunday! We sign the lease and move in on May 7th! I'm so super excited! We've been living in his parent's basement for a year now and as grateful as we are to them for letting us live there rent free to get back on our feet it is time to move out. And I can't wait until I get my stuff out of storage! It will be like it's all new once again! Oh how I've missed my things!
It's so gorgeous out I had to dress springy!
And because it's so nice out today I just had to dress spring-y! It's supposed to get up to 70° today!! Huray!!

So that's what's been going on in my life lately! Some really good and exciting things! I have lots to look forward to the next couple months and I couldn't be happier/more excited about it!



  1. Looks like you'v'e been very busy!!

  2. Yay! That's so exciting that you're moving into your own place again. :) And I love your adorable springy outfit. :)

  3. The snow is so pretty! Looks like a fun week!

  4. So so SO happy you finally get to go back to having your own place, Cindy!!

  5. Mmmmm Milkshake. YUM. :)

    Love all your 31 gifts...especially the yellow and grey! So cute!!

    I can't believe you had snow! I guess we missed out on a good snow this year. :(

    You in the box....TOO cute. :)

    I am so happy you found your own place, Cindy! CONGRATS!! And I totally know what you mean. We are actually staying at my parent's house right now until we can find a new house. I can't wait to be reunited with all my stored things.

    LOVE your little matches your cute 31 bag! :)

    Hope your week is off to a great start sweet friend! xoxo


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