Monday, March 5, 2012


So apparently all that spring-like weather we'd been having was just a tease. It's SNOWING today! It's so, so beautiful! And the best part, it's not sticking to the roads so it's not a really threat. It's just gorgeous!
It's snowing like crazy today!

 then, she {snapped}Scattered Horizons

I hope that wherever you are you had a good weekend and are enjoying your Monday no matter what the weather may be like! And I am so glad to know that my friends that were in areas affected by the super severe storms are doing okay. I was thinking about you all this past weekend and I'm so glad to know the tornados didn't affect any of you. I'm grateful myself that we only had rain. But please, keep all those that were affected in your prayers. There was some severe devasation throughout our country this past weekend.



  1. It was snowing like crazy here today too, great capture of the snowflakes!

  2. Beautiful capture! I love the softness of the black and white. Thank you for sharing! I would love if you linked up with my link up Tones on Tuesday!

  3. Am jealous! We have not had a bit of snow this year!

  4. You saw snow, my hubby saw snow in PA, but I didn't see ANY! So jealous. Lovely picture. :)

  5. So glad you linked up with Tones on Tuesday!


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