Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Weekend of Girls

I should probably update my blog today. Some days I get really excited about updating because I have awesome content and pictures to share with you guys and then other days I just don't feel like updating because I don't feel like I have anything substantial to provide. And today (and yesterday) is one of those days. It's not like the past several days haven't been awesome. I just don't really have any pictures (I have a few) and that makes me sad. I don't like posting without good photos.

Anyway... this past weekend Collin was gone on our church's men's retreat. I missed him something kinda fierce, but I did really enjoy my weekend despite him being gone. I must admit, I'm pretty pathetic though. I got home from work about 3:45 on Friday afternoon which is before Collin would have gotten home if it was a normal Friday afternoon. So I walk downstairs into our living space and I started to fight back tears. And then eventually I cried a little because he wasn't there. Ha! I'm a mess. But I pulled myself together and then spent the rest of the weekend not at home (minus about 2 hours on Saturday morning in which I got some laundry done). Friday evening we had a girl's night/sleepover with some ladies from church whose husbands were on the retreat, too! It was so much fun! We played Loaded Questions and laughed our tushies off! Then Saturday I spent the day with my momma and we got to shop at the thrift store and then we grilled burgers that were oh so delicious! And I spent Saturday night at my mom's house since my dad was also on the retreat. We watched My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding before bed and laughed a lot because it is a very funny movie! Sunday was church, which was a great service filled with the Holy Spirit, and then afterward my mom and I had lunch at Olive Garden and then shopped a bit at Staples and Michael's. So fun! We both bought some stuff for crafting. Both of us for card making and my mom also for scrapbooking. It was awesome to find some great bargains and spend some time dreaming about crafts with my mom!

Once the men got home Sunday afternoon Collin and I spent the evening playing frisbee golf, getting some Italian Ice from Rita's (it opened this past weekend here!!), and then browsing around some stores for some things for our new apartment. We didn't buy anything but we did get some good ideas! I'm still super excited about our new apartment and moving! And of course we finished off the evening relaxing at home catching up on some of our shows on Hulu+.

This week has been BEAUTIFUL so far. I'm not loving the pollen, or rather my allergies aren't loving the pollen but it's almost worth it because the trees and flowers are beautiful! And it's been so warm! It's 76° outside right now and yesterday it got up to around 70°. I love it! I wish it would stay like this year round! I only wish I wasn't couped up in an office all day. I want to enjoy the weather. At least I have a window!

Yum yum!!
I had a chocolate creme Cadbury Egg for the first time on Saturday. It was pretty good! I do like the original better though.
I love when it says "Abundant Sunshine"!
I love when the forecast says Abundant Sunshine! This was Sunday's forecast.
One of the only good things about daylight savings time making me lose an hour of sleep, I get pretty sunrises again on my way to work!
One of the only good things about Daylight Savings Time making me lose an hour of sleep, I get pretty sunrises again on my way to work!
 then, she {snapped}

One of the biggest reasons I love warm weather. My natural hair, i.e. letting it air dry. Oh how I've missed you wavy locks.
One of the biggest reasons I love warm weather is because I don't have to blow dry my hair. I love my hair natural. I just get out of the shower, towel dry it and let it be. Oh how I've missed you wavy locks...


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