Monday, July 16, 2012

All The Pretty Fishies

I realized over the weekend that I never finished sharing my vacation photos with you guys! I shared the ones that I had taken on my iPhone but never shared the ones from my Nikon. I didn't use it too much because the iPhone was much more convenient for the random everyday moments but I did have my Nikon with me when we had something planned for the day. And that happened to be when we visited the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores and when we visited Fort Macon. The photos I'm sharing today are some of my favorites from the aquarium.

Collin and I love sea life. We LOVE going to aquariums and marine museums and what not. Our favorite exhibit at the Natural History Museum in D.C. is the sea life portion. We love to watch documentaries on ocean life, especially ones on sharks! We are definitely advocates for sharks. They have such a bad reputation but really there's not much to be afraid of. They just look scary to many people. Not to me though! I think they're so cool! Anyway... all that to say it was a definite requirement that we visited the aquarium while we were on our trip!

This is the sculpture outside the aquarium! That fish is the "mascot" of the aquarium.
There were lots of snakes in this one exhibit but it seemed like the majority of them were curled up together on this ledge!
All the creatures in the aquarium are things you can find within the state of North Carolina. Even alligators.
The sting rays and skates are my favorite. =)
Can you see the sea horse? He kind of blends in...
Saw this guy on our nature walk!
We went to a Creature Feature and it was on snakes! We learned all about the difference between venomous and non-venomous snakes. Very cool! It was helpful the next day when we encountered a snake on the frisbee golf course! They had a non-venomous snake that people could touch after the presentation was done. Collin was all over that!
I love that they do a live dive in the shipwreck tank. They send three divers into the tank (with sharks!) and they talk to the audience from inside the tank. So very cool!

We had such a great time at the aquarium! I know it will be some place we visit every time we're down there at the beach! This was our second time after all. =)


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  1. OOOO fishies!!!

    One day I'll make it up to the aquarium.. one day! :)


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