Friday, July 13, 2012

Flowers Accompany Apologies

Sorry I haven't been too good about blogging regularly lately. I just haven't had much motivation lately. When not much is going on in life (besides the normal day to day stuff) it doesn't seem I have much to write about either. I think that's mostly because I use my blog as a sort of journal for myself and some days there's not very much "journal-worthy" stuff happening.

Anyway, today to accompany my apology, I want to share with you some beautiful flowers that I picked up at a Farmer's Market and had some fun photographing (to a girl, flowers should always go with apologies. ha!). I love having fresh flowers in the house. It really brightens my mood at home and I feel it makes the place more cozy.

Any idea what kind of flower this is?

I took all of these photos with my big-girl camera instead of my iPhone. I really outta bust that thing out more. It's a really nice Nikon-1. And it takes really good pictures. Much better then the iPhone (though its camera is nice, too!).

Anyway... I hope you all have wonderful and lovely weekends! Mine should be a good one and I'm excited for that. Just relaxing at home, attending a Thirty One Gifts party hosted by my cousin and spending some time with friends before they fly back home to Phoenix early Sunday morning. See ya'll Monday!


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