Monday, July 9, 2012

A Few Little Notes

Dear Stank, you are such a joy in my life. You bring me much happiness and I love watching you lay around and enjoy the sun or run around playing with toys. I also thoroughly love when you snuggle with me. It's so adorable. I did not however enjoy it when you bit the back of my arm this weekend. That was not cool.

My boy loves to lay in the sun and stare outside.
Bedtime snuggles are the best.

Dear heat wave, thank you for finally breaking over the night. Your excessive temperatures were not appreciated. Especially not with a husband who works generally outside. Please don't come back. But I do appreciate you leaving us alone this week.

Excessive heat warning? No really...

Dear sunsets, I love watching you. I don't think watching your gorgeousness will ever get old. =)

Waiting for the fireworks.

Dear fireworks, you were pretty cool this year, I just wish we had of been closer and did not have fishermen in the way blocking some of our view. But thanks for giving me a nice show to enjoy.

Dear thunderstorms, you always beat fireworks in the best light show category. How cool to see God's fireworks going off during the man-made ones on Wednesday! And I must say, you were pretty cool yesterday evening, too. Some awesome lightning and thunder. Way to go! I would appreciate though if you could not be so loud while I'm trying to sleep. Last night was very restless because of your noise.

Dear Yo Kool, I am so glad you have come to St. Mary's County. The self serve frozen yogurt has become a new-found love of mine and I'm so excited to see you here locally. And you're cheaper than Menchie's in Annapolis and that's a plus! I hope you stay around for a long, long time because I will be a frequent customer.

Yay new frozen yogurt place in town!

Love, Cindy

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  1. Whew. So thankful the heatwave seems to be over here, too! That Sauna-like weather was just unbearable!! Now I can go outside and enjoy those lovely SUNSETS without sweating to death. ;)

    I love a good are right, God's fireworks are THE best. I also love a good froyo...the perfect summer treat!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week so far, my friend! xoxo


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