Wednesday, October 3, 2012

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday

The past couple days have been interesting, weather-wise. It was really nice and cool over the weekend and so sunny and beautiful! Then Monday evening the rain showers started and yesterday the temperature (and humidity... ick) rose and it poured off and on all day. Today is going to be some of the same, only it's more humid! Blah! Currently the window is so fogged up I can barely see out of it. Anyway, this weather has made for some pretty great pictures!
Thoroughly enjoying watching the steady rain from outside my office window.
Watching the rain through my office window yesterday afternoon during one of the many downpours.
The rain clouds moving out.
This set of storm clouds moving out.
Bright, fluffy clouds moving in!
Bright, fluffy clouds accompanied by the sun moving in temporarily.

It was quite a day! Hopefully today will bring a little more sunshine and a little less rain. And I hope that the autumn temperatures return real soon! From the forecast it looks like they will on Sunday and stay that way from here on out. I hope so! I want to participate in fun autumnal events and it would be weird to go to a corn maze and pumpkin picking when it's 80 degrees outside!

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday, dear friends!


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  1. Weird weather is lovely to look at! ;) We've been having some strange stuff around here to. I love to welcome a rainy day every so often, though. Beautiful photos! xoxo


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