Wednesday, October 31, 2012

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday

Hi friends! Did you think I'd disappeared? I didn't! I just didn't blog for oh... 7 days. Oops! Last week was SUPER busy. My grandma was in town visiting and then Collin's brother and niece came into town and then Collin's sister and nephew came into town! Goodness lots of family to spend time with in such a short period of time and blogging fell by the wayside! I have LOTS of photos to share with you though! I still need to share my corn maze photos. And then there are the ones I took at Messiah while we were there for Homecoming almost two weeks ago! And then of course there are the ones from this weekend which I just love of our adventures with our niece and nephew! So, be on the lookout for some major photo sharing! Tomorrow I'll DEFINITELY post the ones of our corn maze fun from THREE weeks ago!

Anyway, we survived Hurricane Sandy. And honestly, for us it wasn't as bad as I expected. I know it hit other parts of the country, like New Jersey and New York City, much harder, but here in Southern Maryland it wasn't all too bad. It sure was windy and rainy though! It started raining Saturday night and didn't stop until sometime in the middle of the night last night. It was nice though because it allowed Collin and I to have three full days together in the same weekend, two of which we did not much of anything, and one that we didn't leave the apartment! We didn't lose power at all which was a real blessing. But we enjoyed our time together! It was hard for us to both come back to work today though!

A cat nap with my boys would be so nice right now.
Our boys taking a nap together.
Our happy little family!
This was taken on Sunday afternoon about 3pm. Notice how dark it is already... It was really sweet though having both of our boys snuggling with us.

I hope that everyone affected by the Frankenstorm is safe and well. It affected a very large area of people and I hope that everyone is okay! If you didn't feel the effects of this massive storm, how did you spend the end of your weekend and first couple week days??


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