Wednesday, January 2, 2013

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday

This past weekend we were sick. Ick! Collin came home from work on Friday evening feeling chilly and achy. I took his temperature and it was 101.8. Poor guy caught the flu from his boss at work. =/ Not sure why his boss came to work with the flu, but oh well. Anyway, Collin was down for the count Friday-Sunday and started feeling better Sunday afternoon. However, Sunday afternoon I started feeling bad. I definitely didn't have the flu like Collin but my sinuses had been acting up since a week before Christmas and it finally decided it wanted to settle in my chest. Monday I felt horrible. Yesterday I began feeling better though and today we're both doing much better! So it wasn't too exciting of a New Year's Eve for us. We stayed home by ourselves in our PJs and watched TV, movies, and played video games. Collin wanted to watch the ball drop but since we don't have cable he streamed a program online. I went to bed around 11 because I was tired and didn't feel like staying up any longer. =) Some celebration we had!

The only pictures I felt like taking this weekend were of our kitties. They most definitely knew that we didn't feel good because they were extra lovey and sweet to us! I love that animals can sense when you don't feel good and they just want to be with you to make you feel better!

This little boy is keeping me company while his daddy plays a video game.
There's no doubt in my mind that pets know when you don't feel good. My babies have been so loving to us both this weekend.
This one knows I don't feel good, too.

Happy Wednesday! I hope that you enjoyed a much more exiting (and healthier) New Year's celebration than us!



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