Monday, January 7, 2013


Collin and I were both feeling well enough to actually enjoy this weekend! Nothing too terribly exciting happened but we did have a good time. Friday was my day off so I ran some errands and bought myself two cute new tops from JC Penney with some Christmas money! That evening Collin and I had dinner at Red Robin which is always a delightful treat! Saturday we ran a few errands together and then after dinner our friends Jeff and Jeannie came over and we watched The Invention of Lying. It's such a funny movie if you haven't seen it yet! Sunday was a good day, too. We finally had a full band at church again. It had been like a month since we were all there! Work travel, Christmas vacations, and illness prevented us from all being together for so long. It was great to play together, all of us, again! After church we had lunch at home, watched Seinfeld and snuggled with the babies on the couch. Then we decided it was warm enough for Collin to do an oil change on his car so we went to my parent's house to use their driveway. And after leaving there we went to his parent's house and had dinner and watched the Redskins vs. Seahawks game with them. I don't really care about football, but it was on so I had no choice but to watch it. It was a good weekend though! I'm going to get the recipe for the beef my mother-in-law made last night because it is so, so good! And when I get it I'm sharing it here because it's totally worth sharing!!

Silly kitties taking up the whole couch. I get up for just a few minutes and my seat is gone. Lol
Silly kitties taking up the whole couch. I get up for just a few minutes and my seat is gone. lol
Arm hole kitten!
This picture is kind of hard to see but Seabass squeezed his way through the arm hole of Collin's old jacket. hahaha!
Home made gravy fries. Mm Mm good!
Dinner on Saturday was home made gravy fries. Leftover Red Robin fries, mozzarella cheese and beef gravy. It was good!
One of the best chocolates, ever.
One of the best chocolates, ever.
He's laying atop my feet and is purring so loud he's making me vibrate. Lol
Seabass was laying atop my feet and was purring so loud that he was making me vibrate. lol

I hope you had a great weekend yourself! I hope that it was relaxing and fun and that it adequately prepared you for this new week!


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