Thursday, January 31, 2013

A GREAT Birthday!

Oh you guys, I had a great birthday yesterday! It was so, so nice. Much better than last year, that's for sure! Last year's was kinda depressing, but this year made up for it! It was a BEAUTIFUL day temperature-wise. It was cloudy but didn't rain at all until late afternoon and then it was just a sprinkle. That stopped and it didn't even really start to rain again until overnight! But besides the temperature, I felt so much love! Everyone was wishing me a happy birthday, I got to spend time with family and I just enjoyed the day! My aunt took my mom and I out to lunch (my mom's birthday is today!), I got to do some shopping at Ollie's after work and I found some goodies, I got to get adjusted at the chiropractor which always makes me feel better, then I got to have dinner at Cracker Barrel with my parents, Collin's parents and my sister, and to top the evening off I got to snuggle on the couch with Collin and catch up on some shows on Hulu. It was so delightful!

Special message for me from the hubby this morning!
My special birthday message from Collin first thing.
Thanks, God, for the awesome birthday sunrise!
The beautiful birthday sunrise!
A coworker gave me one of his cinnamon "buns" this morning!
A coworker gave me one of his cinnamon roll things he had brought in that morning!
DELICIOUS loaded baked potato soup at the new Lone Star Steakhouse for my birthday lunch with my mom and aunt!
My delicious loaded baked potato soup at Long Horn Steakhouse for my birthday lunch!
It might be cloudy, a bit breezy and it's gonna storm all evening/night but this temperature is the best birthday present! Thanks, God!!
The temperature about mid-afternoon!
Such a beautiful site. I always leave here feeling better. Hope today is no exception!
Lately this has been one of my favorite places.
Little by Little

So once we left the chiropractor and went to dinner I completely forgot about wanting to document my day and didn't take any more pictures. =( Sadness but it's okay. It was a GREAT day!!



  1. Happy Birthday. Love the early morning message on the mirror!


  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a wonderful day with much love!

  3. Happy birthday!! I have a late January b-day too - great time to be born! So glad you had a great day!

  4. Glad you felt so well loved, Cindy. You certainly are. Miss you!

  5. Happy Birthday...looks like it was a good one!!

  6. happy birthday!
    looks like it was wonderful!

    visiting from deb duty's ...

  7. glad to hear you had a great birthday!


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