Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crazy Cat

Our cat is crazy. Stank was playing around beating the flaps of these boxes we have in our living room (we're collecting boxes for packing - we're moving in less than a month) and then next thing I know he's jumped into the box and playing with the flaps from the inside. He's adorable and so funny. I wanted to share some of the photos with you guys.
Playing with the flap from the inside of the box.
He's so handsome.
And here he started eating the box. Notice the teeth...
He was trying to get to the string on my camera.
And proof that he really is a sweet boy!

I love our big boy. He's such a fun cat to have. He loves to play but he's really sweet, too! I love it when he comes and curls up in my lap or even on my chest. And boy does he love his daddy. He will go out of his way to be with Collin. So cute! I love our kitty cat!


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