Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Favorites - week 7

I saw this video yesterday morning on facebook and I posted it to my wall but I also wanted to share it here because it's so cute and makes me laugh every time I watch it. I love the little boy's determination and then his shock at the end!

For my birthday last week my mom made me funfetti cupcakes. I absolutely adore funfetti cake. They were so delicious! And the best part, even though mom cooked them, my dad iced them for me! Very special! I've been enjoying the extra cupcakes all week!

 photo large.jpg
Found here

I love the fact that for my 25th birthday and my 21st birthday I wore the exact same shirt and totally didn't plan it. I also love the fact that 4 years later it still fits and is still in good condition. It's one of my favorite sweaters so I'm really glad it still fits! Look at these pictures, 4 years apart, of my mom and I. =)
 photo 168973_1723494680209_1047375_n.jpg
25th birthday

 photo 224637_508034123934_4565_n.jpg
21st birthday

So what are you loving this beautiful Friday? Share with me some things that have made your week great!


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  1. How crazy...I wore the same dress this year (my 29th) as I did on my 26th Birthday! HA!

    You and your mom look a lot alike!!

    & I love funfetti cupcakes. YUMM!


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