Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dreary Day = Dreay Me

Where is the sun? I am so ready for spring time. I am ready for the new growth on the trees, the flowers budding up, and birds chirping and bees buzzing.

Today is much too dreary. It was pretty dreary like this yesterday, too. When the sun disappears for a while it makes my mood a bit like the weather: dreary. Everywhere else in the U.S. it seems is getting snow, or it's warm and sunny. We got a little bit of ice last night and today it's just cloudy. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain all day. But, on the bright side the high will be in the mid 50's! At least it won't be quite as cold tomorrow as it has been.

So, to brighten my mood a little I'm going to share some spring time pictures. If you're feeling gloomy too, enjoy these photos!

Spring is on its way. Soon, so soon. Here's hoping Mr. Groundhog won't see his shadow tomorrow. I don't think I can take 6 more weeks of winter.

Are you just itching for spring like I am?



  1. That last photo...are those cherry blossoms? I would die if I had a tree like that anywhere in my yard :)

  2. You know, I'm not sure what kind of tree it is. It's in front of my aunt and uncle's house. I love it though!


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