Tuesday, March 15, 2011

There is no Smoke!

I wish we would have listened... I knew about that old adage, but I didn't think too much of it because I figured they'd been changed recently. Well, last night was miserable. Our smoke detector in our bedroom kept going off last night. This is not a quiet alarm either, it is ear-piercingly loud. And I knew there wasn't a fire because none of the ones in the rest of the house were going off and there was no smoke or anything in our bedroom. Though being jolted awake by the smoke detector did freak me out for a little bit. The first time it went off was at about 11:30 (we had gone to bed around 10), so Collin gets out of bed and goes to make it stop but it stops on its own. He gets back in bed and it starts again. So he gets back up and fiddles with it and it stops. Finally. He climbs back in bed and we fall back asleep. Then at about 4:30 this morning it goes off again. Only this time it's not stopping on its own and poor Collin was struggling to pull the thing down to take the battery out of it; poor guy was asleep and not functioning fully. He finally got it down but it's still screaming at us and he struggles to get the battery out and when he does it's finally quiet. Let me just say, that was NOT a fun night or a fun morning waking up for work. From now on I will be changing my smoke detector's batteries every time we change the clocks for Daylight Saving Time.


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  1. UGH! That's so annoying!!! Sorry you didn't get very good sleep. :(

    AND I LOVE THE NEW BLOG LOOK! It's so great!!


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