Monday, June 11, 2012

Good for the Soul

Do you ever have one of those good for the soul kinds of weekends? I had one this past one. I was busy, and sure I would have liked a little bit more relaxation, but it was great. I spent time with Collin (though less than I wanted), spent time with friends, spent time with my sister, and got some more work done around the apartment! My weekend started on Thursday once work was over! I absolutely adore having every other Friday off. And when I got home I discovered that some Washi Tape I had ordered from The Plain Barn came in!! I was so excited because I have not been able to find it anywhere local! Our Target sells two different kinds. Black and white polka dots (which is cute) and some weird green one with words that are really only good for scrapbooking (which I don't do). So I was elated when The Plaid Barn did a deal on washi tape.
Since I couldn't find Washi tape anywhere local I got a great deal one day at Plaid Barn. It finally came!! Can't wait to use it!

And then, after opening my tape I realized that my buddy boy has been feeling neglected lately and wanted some loving. So I began to play with him and boy was he spunky. At one point I moved rather quickly and it must have startled him because he decided he needed to "hide". I wonder if he knew this was not an effective hiding spot. lol
I wonder if he really thinks this is an effective hiding spot... lol

Friday I got to do some much needed grocery shopping early in the morning and I bought myself a beautiful hanging basket of Citrus Fire for the porch. It has made me SO happy to have that beautiful plant on my porch. I also bought some potting soil and seeds (I already had two pots) for planting zinnias and dwarf sunflowers. I'll have some pretty little flowers this summer!
My new beautiful hanging basket that I'm so excited is bringing color to my porch! #lifejoy

Friday afternoon I spent with a friend whom I hadn't seen in quite some time. We did some much needed catching up and then we went to our local library's free showing of The Help. We had both finished the book recently and really enjoyed watching the movie. So, so good. Then in the evening I went to a Tastefully Simple party with my friend Jeannie and had a good time trying out some new food.
Saturday I headed up to Annapolis to do some shopping with my sister. We had a great time together and even though I wasn't planning to buy anything I did find a sexy yet sophisticated dress at Ann Taylor LOFT that was on their final sale rack for $14.99 and it fit so well I couldn't pass it up! It was originally a $90 dress!! So excited about that purchase. I can't wait to wear it. =) After doing some clothes shopping we headed to Menchie's and got delicious frozen yogurt!
Oh yes!! Menchie's. Soo good.
Can't you tell I'm excited? Lol

Yesterday after church Collin and I got some stuff done around the apartment. He cleaned out some of his stuff from the hall closet and put a few more boxes into our storage room off the porch. We hung a few things up around the house before Jeff and Jeannie came over in the afternoon. Jeannie and I made lots of cards while the men played frisbee golf and video games. Then I made dinner for us all and we played Monopoly until it was time to say goodnight! And I had beautiful fresh flowers in the house that I'd purchased at a Farmer's Market I discovered! Love! It brought me such joy!
Fresh flowers in the house. #lifejoy

 then, she {snapped}

This weekend brought so much joy to my life. It was definitely good for my soul. Because some weekends you need to be surrounded by loved ones and lots of fun and pretty things. And yet others you just need to relax and do nothing. Both are absolutely fine. I just know I enjoy any weekend that is just what my soul needs, whether filled to the brim with great things or filled with relaxation and quiet. =)


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  1. I love these photos - especially the frozen yoghurt ones! It's been a rainy June in the UK and seeing your flowery photos has lifted my spirits so thank you !


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