Monday, June 18, 2012

Good Weekend Lovin'

This past weekend was quite a great one! We had a delightful time every day. It started out real well Friday evening because we got to go to the Solomon's Boardwalk and grab some soft serve ice cream with our friends Jeff and Jeannie. I love spending time with them. But what made it even better was the amazing sunset we got to see over the water. It had been a long while since I'd seen a sunset from the boardwalk and I was quite excited about it.

Currently at the most beautiful place in Southern Maryland.
Watching the sunset over the Patuxent was some serious #lifejoy

 then, she {snapped}

I think what made me the most excited (and this will sound silly because it's so obvious) was getting to see the sun get lower and lower within just a matter or minutes. I would take a picture, go back to talking, turn around two minutes later and it would be further under the bridge. It was so cool!
Saturday was fantastic! Collin had the whole day off and we did whatever we pleased. We woke up early and went yard saling! We got some pretty great stuff. A couple shirts for me, some miscellaneous cables and electronic things for him, a new driver (golf club) for him, and just some other random things. We had a delightful morning yard saling and it was the perfect temperature for it, too!

Checking out yard sales with my favorite guy!

Then in the afternoon we got some groceries, took a nap, did some browsing around for patio furniture and I even got to make myself a delicious chocolate milkshake! Evening time came, Collin made DELICIOUS chicken fajitas for dinner and we got to play a game of Scrabble before bed. I just wish you could play proper nouns because I totally would have had a Bingo towards the end of the game. =)
Scrabble with the husband.
Too bad you can't use proper nouns. Haha

Yesterday was Father's Day and Collin's dad wanted to go golfing together so the two of them did that while I spent the afternoon with my mom and dad. Their neighbor brought over their new baby kitty and I got to hold him for quite a while. It definitely made me want to get a little kitten sometime soon. Then later Collin met us at the wharf where the jet skis got put in and we spent some time at the water. While we were there we found a kitty that was very friendly but definitely a stray. She was so, so sweet and I wanted to take her home with us but Stanky-boy wouldn't like that very much. =/ After the water adventures we went back to my parent's house, had a DELICIOUS dinner, and enjoyed some family time.
My parent's neighbor brought their new kitten over. So, so sweet!
Sitting on the water.
Welp, the jellies are definitely out.
We found a very friendly kitty at the wharf today. I wanna take her home.

So yeah, I'd say it was a pretty great weekend. =) I hope yours was just as delightful as ours! And I hope you had the same awesome temperatures that we've had!! It's been GLORIOUS!


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