Wednesday, August 1, 2012

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday

We've been collecting supplies for a contract here at work for months to send overseas and it was finally time to ship the stuff out. The stuff we had to ship included six 40-foot 740 lb telephone poles. Fortunately the trucker that came had a flat bed truck. But all we had to move the poles from the ground to get them up on the truck was a forklift and a chain. This is how we maneuvered it. I thought it was pretty silly looking! =)
Bahaha! Best thing I've seen today! At least it's working.
Dragging the pole behind the forklift by the chain tied around it and secured to the forklift.
Lifting it up onto the truck with men on either end to keep it stable and from rolling off the forks.
They decided to pull the poles this way instead of behind the forklift because it got them off the ground more...

Happy Wednesday!! I get to do this again today. We only shipped half our stuff yesterday and today we've gotta ship the other half! Oh, also, Happy August!!


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