Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Weekend's Almost Here...

This past weekend was a lot of fun! We had lots of fun things planned but we also had some good downtime which was nice! As I said on Tuesday we spent time with friends, family and just the two of us!

The pile of clothes I still have to hang up. My least favorite part. =/

I had lots of laundry to do. Because we were at VBS every night all week my laundry took a back burner. This was my pile of hang up clothes that I needed to put away.
The big and small hands participating in VBS this week. So blessed to be a part of this week!
All the children in the intro session!
18 children in our group tonight!! Amazing! We have about 50 kids total!

Vacation Bible School was so much fun! We had a great group of children! And we had a carnival theme. So there were fun games and a bouncy house for the kids to play in at the end of the evening during carnival time! One night during craft time all the kids and helpers put their hand prints on the fabric as a memento of the week. Our group grew each night! Collin and I were the leaders of the oldest kids, 7-10. We had 12 our first night. On our last night we had 18! And our group kept growing each night. It was awesome!
There's a storm a-comin'!!
Collin being goofy after dinner!

After Bible School was over on Friday evening Collin and I went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's for date night! The sky looked pretty ominous as we were driving to the restaurant. Fortunately it only rained while we were inside and was finished by the time we were done! And on the way home my husband was so silly listening to music. He cracks me up!
The sky is spectacular today.
Almost bought these fantastic sunglasses from Target today. =p
These are the sunglasses I actually bought.
Waiting to see the Wizard!

The weather on Saturday was gorgeous! The sky looked so cool and it was mild temperatured! I loved it! In the morning Megan and I went shopping and ran some errands. We both tried on some ridiculous glasses (first picture) and then I actually bought a new pair (second picture) because my old ones were kinda biting the dust! Later that evening Collin and I went with my parents to see our Summerstock's production of The Wizard of Oz and it was fantastic! I think it was one of the best plays I've seen from the Summerstock group. The music was fabulous and the acting was great, too! And the actors all had such great chemistry. It was wonderful! We had a delightful evening!
Our new quilt! I love it!
On Sunday I finally got to put my new quilt on the bed. I love it!! It's so pretty and it makes me happy to have a nice feminine bedding set. The one before was Collin's from before we got married and it was a plain blue quilt with red on the other side and as the trim and I hated it! Sunday after church we got to have lunch with our friends Jeff and Jeannie and that was so delightful! We had a great time with them. And then in the evening Collin and I drove up to Lanham, MD to attend a Love Worth Fighting For marriage conference featuring Kirk Cameron and Warren Barfield. It was incredible! We had the best time and it totally rejuvenated our love for each other. And it was so invigorating to be able to go and learn Biblical truths about marriage and how to protect and fireproof our marriage. We are so, so glad we went to the conference. If you ever get the chance (or if they're in your area) I HIGHLY recommend you attend the conference. You will NOT be disappointed.

So yes, we had a wonderful weekend! Now onto this weekend! It should be fun, too! Not much planned except for my company's picnic but we'll have fun nevertheless. I hope you enjoy your weekend!



  1. You've been busy! Love the hand prints from VBS!

  2. So glad I'm not the only person who posted crazy sunglasses photos!

    Also, the new bed set looks AWESOME, and I might be blaming you for the fact that I want a new quilt on my bed... to replace the snowman one that I've been using since I took the black comforter off my bed (it was just too hot!).

    PS. I feel like we need to have game night again soon. Maybe at my house this time?


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