Wednesday, August 29, 2012

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday

After a weekend of almost constant rain it's been so glorious to see bright blue skies and big fluffy clouds so far this week! And we had the most beautiful sunset on Monday evening. =)

The clouds are pretty spectacular today. It's great after 2 days of almost constant rain!
Also loving tonight's sunset!

Hope you are having a lovely Wednesday! It's almost the weekend! Only one more day for me! And it's a 4-day weekend! Hurray for Fridays off and a Monday holiday! =D I'll be back tomorrow to share some more pictures of my bunch of sunflowers!



  1. Look at those gorgeous blue skies! :D We've had some very pretty skies over Alabama lately, too! I am hoping we don't get any stinky weather from Isaac...they thought at first that we may get tornadoes, but I think they may have changed their minds. Hope the Louisiana/Mississippi people see blue skies again soon!! I had forgotten all about Labor snuck right up on me!! :) Enjoy your super long weekend!!!!


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