Wednesday, February 6, 2013

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday

The Super Bowl was on Sunday. I am not a football fan. I don't watch games unless I'm at my in-laws house and my father-in-law has a game on. I really don't know too much about the game except for the answers I get from the questions I ask during a game. I do enjoy watching the Super Bowl though, mainly for the fellowship and excitement. And of course the commercials!

This year, Collin and I went to a party at his parent's house and had a good evening! The food was delicious and the game was so good! Plus, it was our local team (Ravens) playing and then they WON. That was super exciting! And we got to see some pretty funny commercials. The only disappointing part of the evening was that some of the other people were talking during some of the commercials and that bothered Collin and I. But other than that we had a really good time!

How many wrappers does one peanut butter cup need? Apparently this one needed 10!
I made a peanut butter brownie trifle and the very first peanut butter cup I pulled out had TEN wrappers around it. I said to Collin, "Whoa, this one has lots of wrappers, I'm going to count." Then I started counting and when I got to five and kept going Collin just kept laughing!
Delicious good for the #SuperBowl
Delicious food on my plate. Pulled pork sandwich, my buffalo chicken dip with crackers, dirty rice, orange peppers and mushrooms.
Peanut butter brownie trifle I made. Soooo yummy!!
The trifle in all its delicious glory!
I wish I could say I made it, but the is an awesome cupcakes arrangement made by a friend for the #superbowl
I didn't make this but it was an awesome cupcake arrangement that a friend made!
Watching the #superbowl with my love! We're enjoying the game! We've both had highlights. Collin's was the loud gut-hit noise before a play, mine was the awesome recording making touchdown!
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